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ValidateComplexProductAll Method

This method executes product validation expression validation rules associated with the complex product in the document and returns any rule violations. It queries the Business Component VORD Compound Product Rule for all the rules defined for the top level product (network product) of the compound product (network). It then instantiates the business service for each of the rules and asks them for the fields and attribute values they need. It then initializes the Projected Asset Cache by asking it to build a future state of all the root line items within this compound product. This is done by querying the Quote Item, Order Item, Asset and their XAs for the fields and attributes required by all the rules, and then applying them to the associated assets. It then invokes the Validate method of each rules checker business service and creates a consolidated list of rules violations.

The ValidateComplexProductAll method is called within the VORD Validate Complex Product All (Order) or VORD Validate Complex Product All (Quote) workflows, which in turn are called within the Verify Header (Order) or Verify Header (Quote) workflows.

The ValidateComplexProductAll method requires the current UI BC context.



[in] Name of the business component. (Required)


[in] Date at which to validate the complex product. (Optional)


[in] Row Id of the current quote. (Optional)


[out] Y or N flag indicating whether there are any violations. (Required)


Property set of child property sets of type 'RuleViolation'. (Required)

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