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Data Map Fields

Data map fields define the field-to-field mapping. Data map fields are described in Table 47.

Table 47. Data Map Fields

Source Type or Destination Type

Type of the source or destination field. Can be: Field, Expression, or Parameter:

Source or Destination

The contents of these fields depends on the source and destination type.

If the type is:

  • Field, use Buscomp field name.
  • Expression, use a Siebel calculation expression.
  • Parameter, use a named parameter.

If the destination field is a calculated expression, then the record is not used to update the destination Buscomp. Instead, the result of the expression, evaluated at run time, is written back into the source field at the end of the data transfer operation of the component.

If the Source is:

  • A Buscomp field, then source Buscomp is updated.
  • A Parameter, the corresponding named parameter value is updated.
  • An Expression, nothing happens.


Matches the destination records with source records.

For example, the Update operation updates the record in the destination business component whose key destination fields all match those of the corresponding source fields.

Each data map component in general contains at least one key field.

When there is no key defined, if the operation is:

  • Insert, DTU would proceed without checking if a duplicate record with the same key fields already exists.
  • Update, it would update the current destination record.

If the destination business component is populated with an associated list business component, at least one key field is required.

Source or Destination Multi-Value Link

This link indicates that the source and destination fields are multi-value fields.

Data is transferred from one multi-value field to another by dividing data map fields into several subcomponents. All entries with the same source and destination multi-value link constitute a subcomponent. Specify a key for each subcomponent.

NOTE:  Data transfer from a multi-value field to a single-value field is not allowed.

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