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Data Map Component Advanced Options

Fine-tune data transfer at the component level by using Advanced Options multi-value fields. Data map components advanced options are described in Table 46.

All advanced option values can contain named parameters. At run time, the named parameter is substituted by its run-time value.

If the source Buscomp has been well positioned, the source search spec, the source sort spec, and source record row number must be evaluated to be empty at run time, otherwise a wrong advanced option error is encountered. See Well-Positioned Buscomps for more information.

Advanced Options does not apply to multi-value group subcomponents.

Table 46. Data Map Components Advanced Options

Source Search Specification

Source Sort Specification

Defines the source Buscomp search spec and sort spec. The value can be a literal search spec or sort spec string. It can also contain a named parameter. See Using Named Parameters in DTU. For example:

[Id] = [&ContactId]

where ContactId is a named parameter. At run time, only named parameters are replaced by their string values.

Source Record Row Number

One can selectively transfer only a subset of source Buscomp records. This can be defined in three formats:

  • Start-End
  • Start-
  • Number

For example, 0-5, 4-, 0.

NOTE:  The row number starts at 0.

Operation Override

This option allows one to override the operation at the component level. For example, if the current operation is Insert, you can use this option to set some component to operate Update instead.

No Association

Y or N. Applicable to buscomps that have association list. By default, it is Y. Data Transfer Utilities first try to locate the desired destination record in the associate list. If successful, the located record is associated. Otherwise, a new record is created.

If N, association of existing records is not attempted. A new record is created instead.

Cached Updates

The valid values include:

  • Source Component
  • Destination Component
  • Source or Destination Component

This is a performance enhancement option that defers sending SQL statements to the database until they can be sent together. Since none of the SQL statements is sent until the end, subsequent steps in the block cannot be dependant on a previous step having been committed to the database.

When you turn on this option, make sure to confirm all SQL statements are generated correctly and there is no inter-dependency.

Field Validation

Y or N. By default it is Y.

By default, setting field values in a Siebel BusComp triggers field value validation. If you have a bounded picklist, the new value is validated against the picklist and the fields in the pick maps are set. Disabling field validation also turns off picklists. It is a performance enhancement option.

Source Filter Specification

An expression in Siebel search specification syntax that is used to filter out records at the runtime. Only source records whose filter specification evaluates to be true are transferred.

Filter specification differs from search specification in that search specification is imposed at the database query, and filter specification is imposed while looping through the records.

Disable Order Management Signals

The valid values include

  • Source Component
  • Destination Component
  • Source or Destination Components

When the Disable Order Management Signals option is imposed on the source or destination components, buscomp operations on those buscomps do not trigger order management signals during the data transfer process.

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