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Find Orders Method

This method is one of the Product Manipulation Toolkit Business Service Methods. Given the asset integration ID of a root line item, this method finds all instances of order items that have the same integration ID. The order header, matching line item, its child items and attributes are returned as part of the output. Any other line item in the same order header that does not have a matching integration ID will not be returned.


Asset Integration Id

[in] Root asset integration ID that is used to open order items to an asset. (Required)

Search Spec

[in] Additional search specification used to look for open orders. This is a business component search spec that will be applied to the 'Order Entry - Line Item (Asset Based) BC. (Optional)

Sort Order Item By

[in] Comma separated list of field names. Each field name is optionally followed by the string (DESCENDING). For example, Last Name (DESCENDING), First Name. This forces the method to sort the order line item it locates by the given field names. (Optional)

Open Orders

[out] A single hierarchy of type OpenOrders that has child hierarchies for each open order that is found.

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