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Row Set Transformation Toolkit Business Service

The Row Set Transformation Toolkit is a business service that provides the following methods (also known as transforms) for manipulating and transforming row sets:

  • Aggregate Method. Calculate the minimum, maximum, average, sum, or count of sub-groups of the row set.
  • Conditional Action Method. Evaluate a Boolean expression for each row and perform actions based on the result.
  • Dynamic Look-Up Method. Look up each input row in a business component using a dynamic search expression (example: attribute adjustment).
  • Dynamic Subprocedure Method. Send each input row to the specified subprocedure for individual processing. Each row can be associated with a different subprocedure.
  • Hierarchical Look-Up Method. Look up the closest, best, or accumulated value in an adjustment table for each row by considering each parent in a hierarchy (example: parent company discount).
  • Hierarchical Method. Process a hierarchy of input rows from top to bottom or bottom to top (example: customizable product price roll-up).
  • Merge Method. Combine two or more row sets into a single row set.
  • Query Method. Query a business component and generate a row set.
  • Row Set Look-Up Method. Look up each input row in the specified row set (example: check compatibility between a product and the list of products currently owned by the customer).
  • Rule Set Look-Up Method. Look up the rules for each input rule set and test the rules against the row set. Perform actions if the rule set passes or fails (example: identify applicable bundles or promotions).
  • Simple Look-Up Method. Look up each input row in a business component using a simple search expression (example: list price, exclusive eligibility).
  • Split Method. Split an input row set into two output row sets by evaluating a condition for each row.

For each of these methods, you specify a condition and actions, as described in Conditions and Actions for PSP Procedures. All the methods support the same action syntax and capabilities. Each method exposes a unique set of conditions and variables.

For details on each of these methods, see Row Set Transformation Toolkit Methods.

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