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Mapping the Extended Attributes

Next, look at the XA component.

Note that deep XA buscomps are used. In Siebel Tools, these buscomps are defined as children of the header buscomps, not as children of line items. This improves performance, because one query can retrieve all grand-children XA attributes that belong to a quote. To mirror the Tools configuration, XA is defined as a child of Header in the Data Map Component.

As deep XA buscomps are defined as children of the header, you cannot rely on Siebel buscomp links to set the parent line item IDs, which are stored in the Object Id field. You also cannot literally take object ID from quote to order, as the quote XA object ID points to a quote item, and the order XA object ID points to an order line item. You need to use ID mapping to look up the foreign keys in the order side. This is realized by the advanced options:

  • Name: ID Mapping Component
  • Value: Line Item

NOTE:  For backward compatibility, the application retains the advanced option MapId, which functions like ID Mapping Component.

For more information, see Configuring Event-Based Commands for DTU.

To view the line item mapping

  1. In the Data Map Component list, select the record named XA.
  2. Look at Advanced Option and the mapping in the Data Map field list.
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