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Synchronize Method

This method is one of the Product Manipulation Toolkit Business Service Methods.

It synchronizes product instance to the database. Optionally, this method also reprices the instance after it is synchronized by calling the Pricing Manager Reprice-RepriceAll. This method calls the EAI Siebel Adapter Upsert method to synchronize.



[in] With this argument set to TRUE, only the instance of the CP (root and subcomponents) in memory is repriced. If it set to FALSE, the CalculatePriceAll method is called, which reprices the entire document. If there is a pricing relationship between the line items, such as a total discount, then you need to set it to FALSE in order to call CalculatePriceAll. Note that this parameter has a severe performance impact if it set to FALSE for large quotes or orders with many line items. Default is FALSE. (Boolean, Optional)

Message Id

[in] Passed through to the EAI Siebel Adapter Upsert method. (Optional)


[in] Row Id of the business component to be synchronized. (Required)


[in] Y or N flag indicating whether to reprice or not. (Optional)


[in] If this input is given, only reprice the root line item with a Siebel Object Row Id that corresponds to this RootItemId and any new line items that were created from it after an Explode operation. (Optional)


[in] Product instance to be synchronized.


[in] Passed through to EAI Siebel Adapter Upsert method. (Optional)


[out] Synchronized product instance.


Synchronized product instance.


This method is used when the object to be synchronized has modified quantity or price fields, requiring a repricing. It is primarily used after Explode.

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