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Example of Using DTU Services

The following example shows how to use the FINS Data Transfer Utility business service to copy data from one business component to another business component.

To copy a business component and specify a search specification

  1. Create an input property set and search specification as follows:

    Operation = "Insert"

    Option = "/NewSrcBusObj /NewDstBusObj"

    DataMapObj = "CopyContact"

    &ContactId = "<the contact row_id you want to copy>"

  2. Configure DataMapObj ("CopyContact") to include a named parameter as follows:
  3. Go to the root level data map component in the Data Map Component Applet
  4. xxxxx
  5. In the business service simulator, invoke the FINS Data Transfer Utility business service using the DataTransfer method, passing in the input property set specified in Step 1.

    The Siebel CRM client starts copying all the contacts.

  6. From the documentation, it may seem like the Init parameters are needed, but they are not. The InitBO/InitBC input arguments cannot be used to construct a buscomp to start DTU. They are used to indicate from which buscomp of the active busobj you want to use to launch DTU.
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