Viewing Information About Preconfigured Dashboards

If your organization has pre-built applications installed, you can use Catalog Manager to locate and view information about preconfigured dashboards.

You might have to expose the dashboards and requests.

Exposing Dashboards and Requests

Depending on the Oracle Business Intelligence options your organization purchased, you might need to expose these options before the associated dashboards and requests can be viewed in Oracle BI Presentation Services and in Catalog Manager.

This applies to sites that have these pre-built applications:

  • Sales Analytics

  • Service Analytics

  • Contact Center Analytics

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Partner Analytics

Locating Dashboards, Page Names, and Reports

In Catalog Manager, the Presentation Catalog distributed with pre-built applications has this structure: Presentation Catalog > shared folder > pre-built application name > _portal folder > dashboard name > page name.

The path to locate reports is Presentation Catalog > shared folder > pre-built application name > Folder name > Report name.