8.1 Creating a virtual machine from a template

This example uses the virtual machine template you imported in Section 7.2, “Importing a virtual machine template” to create a virtual machine, and deploy it in the server pool.

To create a virtual machine from a template:

  1. Click the Servers and VMs tab.

  2. Click Create Virtual Machine Create Virtual Machine icon in the toolbar.

  3. The Create Virtual Machine wizard is displayed. Select the Clone from an existing VM Template option and then click Next.

  4. The Create Virtual Machine wizard prompts you to specify details for the virtual machine.

    Enter the number of virtual machines to create from the template in the Clone Count field. Select the storage repository in which to store the virtual machine files. Select the virtual machine template from the VM Template field. Enter a name for the virtual machine(s) in the VM Name field. Select the server pool on which to deploy the virtual machine(s) from the Server Pool field. Click Finish.

    The template is cloned to create one or more virtual machines. The cloning job may take some time. When the clone job is completed, the virtual machine is deployed to an Oracle VM Server in the server pool. To see the virtual machine, select the server pool in the navigation pane and select Virtual Machines from the Perspective drop-down list in the management pane toolbar.