2.4 File System Statistics

Oracle VM Manager periodically collects vital statistics about file system utilization. Select the File System Statistics subtab of the Health tab to view the current statistics reported for each file system in use by your Oracle VM Servers. Statistics are only collected for file systems that are mounted within your Oracle VM environment for the purpose of hosting a repository.

Note that statistics collection is an asynchronous and periodic service, so the information displayed on the Health tab is not in real time, but is dependent on the file system statistics collection interval that is configured for this service. Furthermore, the historical period over which you are able to view this data is limited to the statistics collection hold time value configured for this service.

Statistics for file systems are organized by the storage where they are hosted. There are top-level nodes for File Servers, Local File Systems and Shared File Systems. You can expand these nodes in the navigation pane to list all of the storage for which file system statistics are available. Clicking on a storage node in the navigation pane updates the management pane to display the file systems available for that storage node and displays the relevant statistics.


You can disable statistics collection in Oracle VM Manager from the Preferences subtab of the Reports and Resources tab. For more information about disabling statistic collection, and the implications of doing so, see Section 7.4, “Preferences”.

The toolbar at the top of the management pane provides the following options:

Table 2.8 File System Statistics Toolbar Icon Options

Toolbar Option





A drop down which controls the columns to display, and the sort order of columns.

Refresh Interval


Sets the interval between which the statistics are refreshed. Select 70 seconds, 2, 5 or 10 minutes. The default setting is 2 minutes.

Refresh View Now

Refresh View Now icon

Refreshes the statistical information.

Line Graph

Line Graph icon

Opens a dialog containing a line graph view of the statistics as they are refreshed.

The table displayed in the management pane for any file server or storage entity includes the following columns:

  • Name: The name of the file system, as stored in Oracle VM Manager.

  • Storage Device: The name of the storage device where the file system is located. This column is not displayed if the storage type is a file server.

  • Total Size (GiB): The total size of the file system measured in gibibytes.

  • Available Size (GiB): The amount of free or available space on the file system measured in gibibytes.

  • Used Size (GiB): The amount of space that is currently used on the file system measured in gibibytes.

  • Utilization (%): The calculated percentage of space currently used on the file system.

  • Last Refreshed: The date and time when the last file system statistics were collected and refreshed.

2.4.1 File System Statistics Line Graph

Statistics for file system utilization are displayed for using the File System Statistics dialog.

To display statistics on a file system:

  1. Click the Health tab.

  2. Select the File System Statistics subtab of the Health tab.

  3. Select the file system in the management pane, and click Line Graph Line Graph icon in the management pane toolbar.

  4. Select the number of minutes for which to display statistics for the file system in the Display From field. You can either enter the number of minutes, or use the arrows to incrementally change the minutes. You can enter between 70 seconds and 10 minutes.

    Set the refresh interval using the Refresh Interval drop down.

    The File System utilization is displayed in the line graph.

    Click OK to close the dialog.