Chapter 2 Health Tab

Use the Health tab to monitor the overall health and status of your Oracle VM environment, and to view historical statistics such as memory and CPU usage. The System Statistics Collection service must be enabled for information to be updated on this tab. See Section 7.4, “Preferences” for information on how to configure this service.

Figure 2.1, “Health tab” shows the Health tab.

The Health tab contains the subtabs set out in Table 2.1, “Health Subtabs”.

Table 2.1 Health Subtabs



Status Overview

Displays information about each server pool, Oracle VM Server summary, and the number of Oracle VM Servers that are running or stopped.

Error Conditions

Displays an up-to-date view of all error conditions and warnings.

Server and VM Statistics

Displays historical statistics for your Oracle VM Servers and virtual machines.

File System Statistics

Displays utilization statistics for file systems that are in use by Oracle VM Servers within the environment..

Help icon Section 1.9, “Help Icon” displays context sensitive help about the Health tab.