Oracle® VM

Manager Command Line Interface User's Guide for Release 3.4

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November 2018

Table of Contents

1 What's New in the Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface (CLI)?
1.1 CLI Changes in Release 3.4
1.1.1 CLI Modifications
1.1.2 CLI New Features
1.1.3 CLI Object Attribute Changes
2 Introduction to the Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface (CLI)
2.1 Starting and Stopping the CLI
2.2 Connecting to the CLI
2.3 SSH Host Keys
2.4 Key-Based Authentication
2.5 Using SSH to Run Background Processes
2.6 Using the Oracle VM CLI and Getting Help
2.6.1 Return Status Values
2.6.2 Masking Sensitive Data
2.7 Passing in a CLI Command at the Command Line
2.8 Sample Scripts
2.9 Integrating the CLI into Your Applications
2.10 Configuring the Oracle VM CLI
2.10.1 SSH Port
2.10.2 Timeout
2.10.3 Case Sensitivity
2.10.4 Public Key Authentication Expiry
2.10.5 Lock Exceptions
2.11 CLI Logs
I Using the CLI
3 Discovering Oracle VM Servers
3.1 Discovering an Oracle VM Server
4 Discovering Storage
4.1 Discovering a file server
4.2 Discovering a storage array
5 Creating a Network
5.1 Creating a virtual machine network
6 Creating a Server Pool
6.1 Creating a server pool
6.2 Adding Oracle VM Servers to a server pool
7 Creating a Storage Repository
7.1 Creating a storage repository on a file server
7.2 To create a storage repository on a storage array
7.3 Importing resources to a storage repository
7.3.1 Importing a virtual appliance
7.3.2 Importing a virtual machine template
7.3.3 Importing an ISO file
8 Creating a Virtual Machine
8.1 Creating a virtual machine from a virtual appliance
8.2 Creating a virtual machine from a template
8.3 Creating a virtual machine from an ISO
8.4 Starting a virtual machine
II CLI Command Reference
A CLI Command Reference
A.1 abort Job
A.2 ackEvent
A.3 addAccessHost
A.4 addAdminServer
A.5 addPolicyServer
A.6 addRefreshServer
A.7 add BondPort
A.8 add FileSystem
A.9 add PhysicalDisk
A.10 add Port
A.11 add Server
A.12 add ServerPool
A.13 add StorageInitiator
A.14 add Tag
A.15 add VlanInterface
A.16 add Vm
A.17 add Vnic
A.18 changeServerAgentPassword
A.19 checkUpToDate
A.20 clearVmAllRcvdMessages
A.21 clearVmAllSentMessages
A.22 clearVmRcvdMessage
A.23 clearVmSentMessage
A.24 clone Vm
A.25 cloneCdToRepo
A.26 clonePdToPd
A.27 clonePdToRepo
A.28 clonePdToStorageArray
A.29 cloneVdToPd
A.30 cloneVdToRepo
A.31 createVmFromAssembly (Deprecated)
A.32 createVmFromVirtualAppliance
A.33 createVmFromVirtualApplianceVm
A.34 create AccessGroup
A.35 create AntiAffinityGroup
A.36 create BondPort
A.37 create CpuCompatibilityGroup
A.38 create FileServer
A.39 create FileSystem
A.40 create Network
A.41 create PhysicalDisk
A.42 create Repository
A.43 create RepositoryExport
A.44 create ServerController
A.45 create ServerPool
A.46 create ServerPoolNetworkPolicy
A.47 create ServerUpdateGroup
A.48 create ServerUpdateRepository
A.49 create StorageArray
A.50 create Tag
A.51 create VirtualDisk
A.52 create VlanInterface
A.53 create Vm
A.54 create VmCloneCustomizer
A.55 create VmCloneNetworkMapping
A.56 create VmCloneStorageMapping
A.57 create VmDiskMapping
A.58 create Vnic
A.59 delete
A.60 discoverServer
A.61 edit AccessGroup
A.62 edit AntiAffinityGroup
A.63 edit Assembly (Deprecated)
A.64 edit AssemblyVirtualDisk (Deprecated)
A.65 edit AssemblyVm (Deprecated)
A.66 edit BondPort
A.67 edit ControlDomain
A.68 edit Cpu
A.69 edit CpuCompatibilityGroup
A.70 edit FileServer
A.71 edit FileServerPlugin
A.72 edit FileSystem
A.73 edit Manager
A.74 edit Network
A.75 edit PeriodicTask
A.76 edit PhysicalDisk
A.77 edit Port
A.78 edit Repository
A.79 edit RepositoryExport
A.80 edit Server
A.81 edit ServerController
A.82 edit ServerPool
A.83 edit ServerPoolNetworkPolicy
A.84 edit ServerUpdateGroup
A.85 edit ServerUpdateRepository
A.86 edit StorageArray
A.87 edit StorageArrayPlugin
A.88 edit Tag
A.89 edit VirtualAppliance
A.90 edit VirtualApplianceVirtualDisk
A.91 edit VirtualApplianceVm
A.92 edit VirtualCdrom
A.93 edit VirtualDisk
A.94 edit VlanInterface
A.95 edit Vm
A.96 edit VmCloneCustomizer
A.97 edit VmCloneNetworkMapping
A.98 edit VmCloneStorageMapping
A.99 edit VmDiskMapping
A.100 edit Vnic
A.101 edit VolumeGroup
A.102 embeddedCreate
A.103 embeddedDelete
A.104 embeddedEdit
A.105 exit
A.106 exportVirtualAppliance
A.107 getArchiveConfig
A.108 getAverageStat
A.109 getDbBackupConfig
A.110 getDebugTranscript
A.111 getDescriptor
A.112 getEventListByQuery
A.113 getEvents
A.114 getEventsForObject
A.115 getJobs
A.116 getLatestStat
A.117 getLatestStatForList
A.118 getManagerTime
A.119 getQueuedJobInfo
A.120 getStatsConfig
A.121 getStatList
A.122 getStatListByQuery
A.123 getTriageEvent
A.124 getTriageEventSeverityList
A.125 getVmCfgFileContent
A.126 getVmOsTypes
A.127 getVmReceivedMessages
A.128 getVmSentMessages
A.129 getVnicMacAddrRange
A.130 help
A.131 importAssembly (Deprecated)
A.132 importTemplate
A.133 importVirtualAppliance
A.134 importVirtualCdrom
A.135 importVirtualDisk
A.136 importVirtualMachine
A.137 kill
A.138 list
A.139 migrate Vm
A.140 migrateWithLocalStorage Vm
A.141 moveVmToRepository
A.142 refresh
A.143 refreshAll
A.144 refreshStorageLayer
A.145 releaseOwnership
A.146 removeAccessHost
A.147 removeAdminServer
A.148 removePolicyServer
A.149 removeRefreshServer
A.150 remove BondPort
A.151 remove FileSystem
A.152 remove PhysicalDisk
A.153 remove Port
A.154 remove Server
A.155 remove ServerPool
A.156 remove StorageInitiator
A.157 remove Tag
A.158 remove VlanInterface
A.159 remove Vm
A.160 remove Vnic
A.161 resize
A.162 restart
A.163 resume
A.164 sendVmMessage
A.165 set
A.166 setArchiveConfig
A.167 setDbBackupConfig
A.168 setMaintenanceMode
A.169 setStatsConfig
A.170 setVnicMacAddrRange
A.171 show
A.172 showallcustomcmds
A.173 showclisession
A.174 showcustomcmds
A.175 showobjtypes
A.176 showversion
A.177 start
A.178 stop
A.179 suspend
A.180 takeOwnership
A.181 upgrade
A.182 validate