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Oracle® Hardware Management Pack for Oracle Solaris 11.3 Installation Guide

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Updated: August 2017

Available Hardware Management Pack Components

Oracle Solaris OS 11.3 comes with many Oracle Hardware Management Pack tools preinstalled and ready for use. To find out what Oracle Hardware Management Pack packages are included in your installation of Oracle Solaris OS, use the pkg list command. For example:

pkg list | grep system/management

Packages with an "i" under IFO indicate that the package has already been installed. For example:

root@system1:~# pkg list | grep system/management
NAME (PUBLISHER)                  VERSION                    IFO
system/management/fwupdate        2.3.3-     i--
system/management/fwupdate/emulex  i--
system/management/fwupdate/qlogic 1.7.3-     i--
system/management/hmp-snmp        2.3.3-     i--
system/management/hwmgmtcli       2.3.3-     i--
system/management/hwmgmtd         2.3.3-     i--
system/management/ilomconfig      5.11-      i--
system/management/ipmitool        1.8.12-    i--
system/management/raidconfig      2.3.3-     i--

If your OS installation is missing a package you need, you can still install it from the Oracle Solaris repository.

Included Oracle Hardware Management Pack components vary depending on the Oracle Solaris OS server installation package used. The following table lists all available packages.

Package Name
Package Description
x86: Legacy BIOS configuration utility.
Oracle Server Hardware Management Agent daemon. Configured to autostart after installation.
Oracle Server Hardware SNMP plugins.
IPMItool utility used for controlling IPMI-enabled devices.
Libraries required by Oracle Hardware Management Pack.
RAID configuration tool.
Firmware update tool.
QLogic Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter command line interface and library plugin for fwupdate.
Emulex Fibre Channel support, drivers and library plugin for fwupdate.
Oracle ILOM configuration tool.
Oracle Server CLI monitoring tool.
x86: UEFI BIOS configuration utility.
NVM express device management tool.