Creating Network Integrity Actions

To create a Network Integrity action:

  1. From the Studio menu, select New, then select Integrity, then select Action, and then select the action type.

    The Action Wizard for the type of action you selected appears.

  2. From the Project list, select a project in which to include the new action.

    The currently selected project appears by default.

  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the new action.

    This name appears in the Network Integrity UI when the cartridge is deployed. Oracle recommends that the action name describe the behavior of the action. For example, start action names with a verb, such as: Discover MIB II SNMP or Import MIB II from UIM.

  4. (Optional) In the Folder field, specify a location for the action.

    By default, Design Studio saves the entity to your default workspace. You can browse to a different location using the Browse button.

  5. (Optional) To configure the action as an abstract action, select the Abstract check box.

    Design Studio creates the action as an abstract class. An abstract action cannot be deployed to Network Integrity. It is extended by other actions. See "About Abstract Actions for Network Integrity" for more information.

  6. Click Finish.

    Design Studio creates the new action and displays the Action editor.

  7. Configure the action. See "Configuring Network Integrity Actions" for more information.