1 Getting Started with Design Studio for Network Integrity

You use the Design Studio for Network Integrity feature to develop and deploy cartridges that customize Oracle Communications Network Integrity for various environments and applications.

Although Oracle Communications Design Studio automatically generates many cartridge artifacts, you will need to write or complete some Java code to complete your cartridges.

You use Design Studio to interactively deploy and undeploy Network Integrity cartridge projects to test environments. You can use the Design Studio Cartridge Management Tool (CMT) to automate the deployment of cartridge projects into Network Integrity environments. See the Design Studio Developer's Guide for more information about the CMT. You can also use the Network Integrity Cartridge Deployer Tool (CDT) to deploy to Network Integrity run-time environments. See the Network Integrity Installation Guide for information about deploying Network Integrity cartridges using the CDT.

When getting started with Design Studio for Network Integrity, see the following topics: