To migrate your Tools and Frameworks installation from 11.1 to 11.2, you must first create backups of your configuration files and application content, then upgrade to the latest Tools and Frameworks package. Afterwards, you can restore Workbench configuration from your backups, and update application configuration from backups.

Migrating from Tools and Frameworks 11.1 to 11.2 consists of the steps below. They are described in detail in the following sections:

  1. Create backups:

  2. Upgrade the MDEX Engine to 6.5.2.

  3. Upgrade Platform Services to 11.2

  4. Upgrade Tools and Frameworks to version 11.2.

  5. Restore Workbench configuration from the backups created in Step 1a.

  6. Restore each of your applications:

  7. If you are using Experience Manager, and you want to use the workspace feature introduced in 11.2, import the deployment settings you exported in Step 6b.

  8. Add the userState property to the following bean definitions in the Assembler context file for your application, assembler-context.xml:

  9. In the Assembler context file for your application, assembler-context.xml, delete the ecrStoreFactory bean. In 11.2, all store factory configurations must use FileStoreFactory. Update all references to the ecrStoreFactory bean to storeFactory, or the ID used in the FileStoreFactory bean.

  10. In the Assembler context file for your application, add the appName property to the Store Factory bean and the mdexResource bean:

    <property name="appName" value="${}" />
  11. Delete the store.factory property from the WEB-INF/ file.


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