5 Troubleshooting Installation Problems

This chapter provides general information to help you troubleshoot problems with Oracle Fail Safe installations and deinstallations.

Overview of Problems Installing Oracle Fail Safe Server

If you run Oracle Universal Installer on a system that does not have Microsoft Windows Failover Cluster configured (such as a client system) and you try to install Oracle Fail Safe Server, the installer displays an error that the Oracle Fail Safe Server must be installed on a system running Microsoft Windows Failover Clusters. You must configure Microsoft Windows Failover Cluster before installing Oracle Fail Safe Server.

If this message is displayed, do not continue with the installation. Click OK to go back to the installation windows and choose a Client Only installation. See Installing Oracle Fail Safe for more information about Client Only installation.

See Also:

"Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone Server" and "Installing Oracle Database" sections in the Oracle Database Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows for more information on how to troubleshoot installation problems