4 Deinstalling Oracle Fail Safe

This chapter provides step-by-step instructions for deinstalling Oracle Fail Safe software.

You might want to deinstall Oracle Fail Safe, for example, to remove older software or to move Oracle Fail Safe software to another Oracle home. However, do not use the deinstallation instructions in this chapter to upgrade the Oracle Fail Safe software to the current release.

See Rolling Upgrades and Patches for information about performing a rolling upgrade. See Silent Mode Installations and Deinstallations for information about performing a silent mode deinstallation.


Deinstalling Oracle Fail Safe will restart the "Cluster Service" service which will cause all cluster groups currently running on that node to failover to another node in the cluster.

Deinstalling Oracle Fail Safe Software

Deinstalling Oracle Fail Safe software involves removing resources from groups and reconfiguring them to run on a specific cluster node.

Perform the following steps to remove Oracle Fail Safe software:

Close Event Viewer

If you run the Windows Event Viewer and display any Oracle Fail Safe events, then you should close the Event Viewer before deinstalling Oracle Fail Safe.

Remove Oracle resources from the cluster groups

Using Oracle Fail Safe Manager, perform the following tasks:

  1. Move each group to the node that will host the standalone Oracle resources after Oracle Fail Safe is deinstalled.
  2. Remove all Oracle resources from your groups.
  3. Exit Oracle Fail Safe Manager.

Deinstall Oracle Fail Safe Software

Start Oracle Universal Installer and perform the following tasks:

  1. Click Deinstall Products to display Inventory dialog box.
  2. Select the Oracle home that contains the Oracle Fail Safe software.
  3. Expand the tree view and select the check box next to Oracle Fail Safe.
  4. Click Remove.
  5. There is a Confirmation dialog box prompting the user whether he wants to continue with the deinstallation of the product. The dialog box states the following message "Are you sure you want to deinstall the following products and their dependent components?". Click Yes to progress to the Remove dialog box showing the progress of the deinstallation process. Click No to stop the deinstallation process.
  6. Click Exit to exit Oracle Universal Installer.