Standby Database Does Not Start When it is a Container Database

BUG 23237270

If a Dataguard standby database is a multi-tenant database (CDB), it could fail to start successfully. The FSR_TRACE_OUTPUT file would contain the following error messages:

DB_RES TEST ***** OCI routine OCIStmtExecute returned error -1 - OCI_ERROR 
COMMON ORA-01219: database or pluggable database not open: queries allowed on fixed tables or views only 
COMMON FscOci::StartupPdbs returning status 1219 (0x000004C3)

Oracle Fail Safe was attempting to execute a container database related query on a database that was not open, resulting in an ORA-01219 error.

This error has been corrected.  Now, Fail Safe will only attempt to query the standby database if it has been opened for read access.