Add Database to Group Fails with an FS-10712 Error When Network Resource Name is not a DNS Name

When attempting to add a database to a cluster group (role), an error was observed if the name of the cluster resource for the group’s network name was not the DNS name for the network name.  For example, if the DNS name for the virtual address (network name) is TestGroup, but the network name cluster resource was renamed to Network Name TestGroup, then the following error would be observed:

FS-10605: Oracle Net listener FslTestGroup created 
0x138F: The cluster resource could not be found. 
FS-10712: Failed to make resource FslTestGroup dependent on TestGroup 
FS-10057: Failed to create the listener resource FslTestGroup 
FS-10784: The Oracle Database resource provider failed to configure the virtual server for resource TestDb

Oracle Fail Safe was incorrectly using the DNS name when attempting to create the cluster resource dependency. It should be using the actual cluster resource name.

Fail Safe now uses the resource name when creating the resource dependency.