Standby Database 11g Fails to Come Online

BUG 24488509

When adding a standby Oracle Database 11g to a cluster, the database fails to come online.  An error similar to the following was displayed:
FS-10382: NODE1: Bringing resource TestStandby online
FS-10726: Resource TestStandby is in a failed state
If Oracle Fail Safe resource tracing FSR_TRACE_OUTPUT was enabled, the following error was shown in the trace output:
DB_RES OFS1 ***** OCI routine OCIStmtExecute returned error -1 - OCI_ERROR
COMMON ORA-02000: missing CURRENT keyword

This problem was introduced in patch set 3 ( This patch set started a standby database which utilized Oracle Database 12c syntax which was not valid for Oracle Database 11g.

The Oracle Fail Safe server database startup is corrected to use 11g redo apply syntax for Oracle Database 11g and 12c syntax for Oracle Database 12c.