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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Portlet Development Guide for Oracle WebLogic Portal
10g Release 3 (10.3.6)

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Part I Architecture

1 Introduction

2 Portlet Planning

3 Portlet Types

Part II Development

4 Understanding Portlet Development

5 Creating Portlets

6 Building Java Portlets

7 Creating Clipper Portlets

8 Working With JSF-Java Portlets

9 Developing Portlets

10 Optimizing Portlet Performance

11 Monitoring and Determining Portlet Performance

12 Configuring Local Interportlet Communication

13 Interportlet Communication Example With Event Handling

14 Adding the Content Presenter Portlet

15 Adding a Third-Party Portlet

16 Using the Collaboration Portlets

Part III Staging

17 Assembling Portlets into Desktops

18 Deploying Portlets

Part IV Production

19 Managing Portlets in Production

A Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse Portlet Database Data