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Java Joint Client/Server Applications

Java Joint Client/Server Applications
This topic includes the following sections:
Technical support for third party CORBA Java ORBs should be provided by their respective vendors. Oracle Tuxedo does not provide any technical support or documentation for third party CORBA Java ORBs.
Development Process
Table 3‑1 outlines the development process for Java joint client/server applications.
Because the callback object in a joint client/server application is not transactional and has no object management capabilities, you do not need to create a Server Description File (filename.xml) for it. However, you still need to create a Server Description File for the Oracle Tuxedo objects in your Oracle Tuxedo application.
Support for Joint Client/Server Applications
An implementation of a joint client/server employs a callback object. Figure 3‑1 illustrates the concept of a joint client/server application using a callback object.
Figure 3‑1 The Concept of a Joint Client/Server Application
For a complete example of a joint client/server application, see Chapter 6, “Building the Advanced Sample Application,” in Using the CORBA Notification Service. The subscriber component in the Advanced sample application implements a joint client/server application.

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