40.4 Target Navigation for Zones

The target navigation tree helps you to navigate between targets that are in a Solaris Zones Virtual Platform. When all resources are discovered and monitored through agent deployment on the global zone, you can navigate from the server down to the zones.

The top level, or node, of the target navigation tree is the physical server and the second node is the Oracle Solaris Zones Virtual Platform that is hosting the global zone. The global zone and all other types of zones appear under the Oracle Solaris Zones Virtual Platform. Expand the nodes to drill down the target hierarchy or click a specific target to open that target's landing page.

Figure 40-1 is an example of a target navigation tree that shows a global zone and two kernel zones. The first node is the physical server (smx42-1). The second node is the Solaris Zones Virtual Platform that is hosting the global zone and 2 kernel zones (kernelzone1 and kernelzone2.) The global zone is running the operating system (smx42-1-n17 host.) When the agent was deployed on kernelzone1, it triggered the discovery and promotion of the Solaris Zones Virtual Platform (smvt-175-10.) The Solaris Zones Virtual Platform in kernelzone1 is running a global zone and operating system (smvt-175-10 host) and 2 local zones (zone 1 and zone 2).

Figure 40-1 Target Navigation for Zones

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