42.1 Prerequisites

Deploy an EM agent on SuperCluster Control Domains and Database Domains

An EM agent must be deployed on the SuperCluster Control Domains, as a user who is granted Role-Based Access Control privileges to monitor Oracle VM Server for SPARC. See Discovering and Promoting Oracle VM Server for SPARC .

An EM agent must also be deployed on Database Domains on which Solaris Zones will be created.

Discover the SuperCluster

See Discovering and Promoting Oracle SuperCluster.

Discover the Exadata Database Machine

See Discover the Exadata Database Machine.

Import Grid Infrastructure and Database Software gold images in Software Library

There are two options to import Grid Infrastructure and Database gold images in the Enterprise Manager Software Library. Either you can clone an existing deployment, or you can import Provisioning Archive (PAR) files stored on a host.
  • Option 1:

    Once you have discovered a Host on which Oracle Clusterware and a Database is deployed, you can create an Oracle Clusterware Clone and Oracle Database Software Clone component in the Software Library. See Creating an Oracle Database Clone from a Reference Home and Creating an Oracle Clusterware Clone from a Reference Home.

    Once done for both Component sub-type "Oracle Clusterware Clone" or "Oracle Database Software Clone", you can create a Database Zones Cluster.

    You can then also export these clones as Provisioning Archives (PAR files) to any host, so that you can later import these PAR files on any other Enteprise Manager Software Library to have "Oracle Clusterware Clone" and "Oracle Database Software Clone" imported in this library, this is the option 2 described below.

    To create such PAR file, from the Software Library Home Page, select Actions, then click Export.

  • Option 2:

    If you have already Provisioning Archive (PAR) files stored on a host (files created as described above in option 1), then from any Enterprise Manager you can deploy an agent on this host and import the par files on this host to the Software Library.

    It can be done from the Software Library Home Page through selecting Actions, then clicking Import.

    Once you have imported a Provisioning Archive for Oracle Clusterware and imported another PAR file for the Database, you are ready to create a Database Zones Cluster.