27.16 EMCTL Partool Commands

The emctl partool utility helps you:

  • Export deployment procedures, and its associated components and directives as par files

  • Import par files to the same instance or any other instance of Cloud Control

The different flavors of the emctl partool command are listed below:

  • emctl partool <deploy|view> -parFile <file> -force(optional)

  • emctl partool <deploy|view> -parFile <file> -force(optional) -ssPasswd <password>

  • emctl partool <deploy|view> -parDir <dir> -force(optional)

  • emctl partool export -guid <procedure guid> -file <file> -displayName <name> -description <desc> -metadataOnly(optional)

  • emctl partool check

  • emctl partool help

Table 27-10 lists the EMCTL partool command options.

Table 27-10 EMCTL Partool Command Options

EMCTL Command Option Description


Deploys, displays, or exports the par files.

repPasswd <repPasswd>

Indicates the repository password.


Forces the swlib entities to be created or uploaded again. If they are already present, it creates a new revision.


Checks if the software library is configured.

file <file>

Indicates the par file.


Indicates the verbose mode.


Displays the help message.

displayName <displayName>

Indicates the par file name.

parDir <dir>

Indicates the directory where the par files are located.


Filters for metadata-only exports.

guid <guid>

Indicates the procedure guid to export. To export multiple procedures provide the guids separated by comma (,).

parFile <file>

Indicates the path of the par file.

description <description>

Indicates the par file description.

ssPasswd <secretStorePassword>

This parameter is optional. This parameter creates an Oracle Wallet with the specified password to store the value of the secret property in the exported software library entity. The user must use the same password while importing the par file in to a new repository.


For more information on emctl partool command see the topic Using emctl partool Utility in the Oracle Enterprise Manager Lifecycle Management Administrator's Guide.