39.4 About the Dashboard for all Hosts

The Hosts dashboard is a sortable table that contains details about the managed hosts, including incidents, the type of operating system, the operating system version, CPU and memory utilization. More than 40 host parameters are available. A few parameters are selected by default, others are hidden. You can change the parameters that appear in the dashboard and the order in which they appear.

39.4.1 Viewing the Dashboard of all Hosts

  1. From the Targets menu, select Hosts.

    The Hosts page displays all managed hosts, including operating system details. You can sort most of the columns in either ascending or descending order.

  2. Click View, then Columns to view or edit the parameters to display in the dashboard.
  3. To add or remove parameters, select or deselect the parameter in the View menu. For example, you might want to display the Incidents, Operating System, and Target Version.


    The Oracle Solaris operating system might appear as SunOS in the user interface and the release might appear as Target Version

  4. (Optional) You can reorder the columns that appear on the dashboard. Click View, then Reorder Columns. Select a column and use the arrow button to move the selected item to a different position. Click OK to save the change.