45.9 Connecting to Enterprise Manager Desktop Version

With Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c (, you can log in to the desktop version of Enterprise Manager using Safari on your iDevice, provided your iDevice is on the same network as Enterprise Manager. If you are remote, you may need to establish a VPN connection.

  1. Connect to a WiFi or 3G network.
  2. Establish a VPN connection if necessary.
  3. Open Safari and specify an Enterprise Manager URL.
  4. Enter login credentials to access Cloud Control.

With Cloud Control open on your iDevice, you have access to the full feature set. Consider the following as you navigate around the interface:

  • Practice gestures to get a sense of how to zoom on a piece of screen real estate.

  • Be patient when tapping menu selections; it does not necessarily occur instantaneously.

  • Touch and hold a selection to open a context (right-click) menu. This gesture too requires some practice to develop the right sensitivity.

  • Not all pages render precisely.

  • Pages that have Flex/Flash effects will not render at all.


If you connect to the desktop version of Enterprise Manager through Safari, be sure to set the Safari AutoFill Names and Passwords configuration setting to OFF. Otherwise, the login credentials can be saved to the local store, where they are susceptible to apps scanning for sensitive data.