45.8 Learning Tips and Tricks

Use a touch-and-hold gesture at any time within the app to display on the bottom of the screen the current site to which you are logged in or about to log in. If the site name is unavailable, the URL appears. With the site identity displayed, tap the information icon on the right to access the Settings screen, where you can manage your sites and change the default site. Repeat the touch-and-hold gesture to remove the site display from the bottom of the screen.

If you have logged out of the app and find that you are stuck on a page trying to return to Cloud Control Mobile, you have a couple of options to resolve the issue:

  • Open Connecting the First Time and change the Cloud Control default URL.

  • Force quit the app and restart Cloud Control Mobile. For example, press and hold the On/Off button on top of the device until the power off slider appears, and then press the Home button until the app closes.