34.4 About the Hardware Dashboard

The dashboard is located near the top of the main window. It contains basic information about the server's status, including incidents, power usage, temperature information, core information, and recent events.

The information in the dashboard is automatically displayed. Three dashlets are visible. Click the icon beneath the dashboard to switch to another set of dashlets.

The following dashlets are displayed:

34.4.1 About Basic Hardware Information

The first dashlet contains basic information about the hardware. The heading includes the full hardware name and power status.

The following fields are displayed:

  • IP Address

  • Model

  • Serial Number

  • Health

  • CPU

  • Memory

  • Firmware

  • Locator

34.4.2 About Open Incidents

The second dashlet contains information about open incidents for the hardware.

The following fields are displayed:

  • Fatal

  • Critical

  • Warning

Click on a category to view a detailed view of incidents within this category, including their target, summary, date of last update, whether they have been acknowledged, and status. Click the X icon in the upper right to close this detailed view.

34.4.3 About Fan and Temperature Information

The fourth dashlet displays fan and temperature information.

The following fields are displayed:

  • Fan Usage: This displays the fan usage as a percentage of its maximum.

  • Temperature: This displays the temperature of the hardware in degrees Celsius.

34.4.4 About Power Usage

The third dashlet displays power usage information. A chart displays the power usage as a percentage of the maximum.

The following fields are displayed:

  • Available Power

  • Peak Permitted

  • Used Power

  • Power Policy (SPARC servers only)

34.4.5 About Core Information

The fifth dashlet displays a pie chart showing the number of active and inactive cores.

34.4.6 About the Last Configuration Change and Incident

The sixth dashlet displays the date and time of the last configuration change and the last reported incident.