27.20 Troubleshooting Management Agent Startup Errors

If the agent fails to start, see the emctl.log and emagent.nohup log files for details. The log files are saved in the $AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME/sysman/logs directory. Following are common issues and troubleshooting suggestions:

27.20.1 Management Agent starts up but is not ready

The Management Agent goes through the following process when it starts up:

  1. Starting up (the Management Agent has just received the request to start up and is going to start the initialization sequence)

  2. Initializing (the Management Agent is iterating over each of its components and is initializing them)

  3. Ready (All components have been initialized and the Management Agent is ready to accept requests)

The command to start the Management Agent (emctl start agent) has a default timeout of 120 seconds. At the end of that timeout, it will return control to the caller and will indicate what the last state of the Management Agent was when it returns control. Depending on the number of targets being monitored by the Management Agent, step 2 listed above could take a long time and it is possible that when the command exits, the state of the agent is "Initializing" and the command reports that the "agent is running but is not ready".

You can increase the timeout by setting an environment variable "EMAGENT_TIME_FOR_START_STOP". The value should indicate the number of seconds to wait before returning control to the caller.

27.20.2 Management Agent fails to start due to time zone mismatch between agent and OMS

The Management Agent uses the time zone set in emd.properties file. During the install process of the Management Agent, the agent and the host target are registered with the OMS along with the time zone. If the Management Agent's time zone is modified at any point after the installation, the OMS will signal the Management Agent to shut down as soon as it detects this mismatch.

To reset the Management Agent's time zone, run the following command:

emctl resetTZ agent

For more information about setting the time zone for the agent, see the description of the emctl resetTZ agent command in the Table 27-3.

27.20.3 Management Agent fails to start due to possible port conflict

If the Management Agent cannot start and EMCTL reports that there is a possible port conflict, check the Management Agent's port (based on emd.properties:EMD_URL) and see if there is another application, such as another agent, running on the machine that is already bound to the port.

To resolve this issue, stop the application currently bound to the Management Agent's port.

27.20.4 Management Agent fails to start due to failure of securing or unsecuring

Securing or unsecuring of the Management Agent can fail if the password to secure the agent against the OMS is incorrect or if the OMS is locked or down. You can find the reason for the failure in the <agent state directory>/sysman/log/secure.log file.