21.3 Applying an Update

The process for applying updates is essentially as follows:

  • Check for the latest updates available from Oracle.

  • Download the updates you want to apply to the Software Library.

  • Apply the update.

Review the following sections to learn how to apply an update:

21.3.1 Applying an Update in Online Mode

Updates must be downloaded to the Software Library (the local store) before they can be applied. You can review the latest available updates from the Self Update console.

Note that Enterprise Manager must have access to the Enterprise Manager Store via the Internet to download available updates. If this access is not possible, you can download entities in offline mode. See Applying an Update in Offline Mode for details.

  1. From the Setup menu, select Extensibility, then select Self Update.
  2. Click Check Updates to submit a job to check for new updates from Oracle. Click OK to close the confirmation message.
  3. When the job completes, select the desired entity type, then select Open from the Actions menu. The entity type page appears.
  4. Select an update from the list of available updates.
  5. Click Download. The Schedule Download dialog appears.
  6. Select when to download the update. Note that multiple downloads can be scheduled simultaneously.

    The following options are available:

    • Immediately

    • Later (specified time)

    • Whether or not to send a notification when the download is complete

  7. Click Select. An Enterprise Manager job is created to download the update to the Software Library.

    Enterprise Manager starts downloading the archive from the Oracle Enterprise Manager store. Wait for the download to complete. (When in offline mode the system starts reading from the specified location.)

    When the download is complete, Enterprise Manager displays the Confirmation page.


    The page is not refreshed automatically. Click the refresh icon to view the updated download status.

  8. Once an entity has been downloaded to the Software Library, it is ready to be applied to your installation. Select an update from the list whose status is Downloaded, then click Apply.

    Note that the application process varies according to the entity type:

    • For connectors, diagnostic checks, and compliance content, clicking Apply will install the update to Enterprise Manager. No further action is required.

    • For plug-ins, you will be redirected to the plug-in deployment page.

    • For provisioning bundles, you will need to exit the Enterprise Manager console, run Opatch and other commands via a terminal, and then restart the OMS.

21.3.2 Applying an Update in Offline Mode

Under certain circumstances, such as in high security environments, an active Internet connection between Enterprise Manager and the Enterprise Manager Update Store may not be available. In such situations, the Self Update feature can be used in offline mode.

The update process still requires that a computer exist at your site that has Internet access, as a connection to the Enterprise Manager Update Store is still required to obtain the updates. Update files from this computer can then be transferred to a computer behind your firewall.

The generic offline mode update procedure is as follows:

  1. Ensure that Cloud Control is set to offline mode. From the Setup menu, select Provisioning and Patching, then select Offline Patching.
  2. Change the setting for Connection to Offline.
  3. Click Check Updates on the Self Update home page. A message is displayed that contains the URL to be accessed to download a catalog of all updates.
  4. From an Internet-enabled computer, download the catalog file using the aforementioned URL.
  5. Copy the downloaded file to the Oracle Management Service host or the Management Agent host you will deploy the update to.
  6. Run the emcli import_update_catalog command to import the file into the Oracle Management Service instance or the Management Agent you want to update.
  7. Review the update from Self Update Home and click Download in the Actions menu. A message displays with a URL and instructions.
  8. Click Apply in the Actions menu to apply the update.