27.5 Starting and Stopping the Oracle Management Service and Management Agent on Windows

When you install the Oracle Management Service (OMS) or the Management Agent on a Windows system, the installation procedure creates new services in the Services control panel.

The procedure for accessing the Services control panel varies, depending upon the version of Microsoft Windows you are using. For example, on Windows 2000, locate the Services control panel by selecting Settings, then Administrative Tools from the Start menu.


The emctl utility is available in the bin subdirectory of the Oracle home where you have installed the OMS or Management Agent; however, Oracle recommends that you use the Services control panel to start and stop OMS or Management Agent on Windows systems.

Table 27-1 describes the Windows service that you use to control the OMS and Management Agent.

Table 27-1 Service Installed and Configured When Installing the OMS and Management Agent on Windows

Component Service Name Format Description

Oracle Management Server


Use this service to start and stop all components that were installed and configured as part of the Management Service J2EE application.

Oracle Management Agent


For example:


Use this service to start and stop the Management Agent.