39.7 About Open Incidents

You can view all open incidents on the Hosts dashboard, or you can view open incidents for a specific host on the open incidents dashlet of the Host home page.

The Hosts Dashboard lists all managed hosts and displays open incidents. You can sort the columns, or click a number in a column to navigate directly to the Incident Manager page for details. Alternatively, you can click the host name to view more about the host and the incident from the host's home page. The Open Incident dashlet on the Host home page displays the number of Fatal, Critical, and Warning incidents.

39.7.1 Viewing Open Incidents

To view an open incident from the host's Home page:

  1. From the Targets menu, select Hosts.

    The Hosts page appears with a list of all managed hosts. You can sort the list.

  2. Click the host name from the list of managed hosts to display the Home page for that host.
  3. Click the number to view a summary of the open incidents.
  4. Click the summary text to navigate to the Incident Manager.

Figure 39-3 Open Incidents Dashlet for a Host

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Description of "Figure 39-3 Open Incidents Dashlet for a Host"

The Incident Manager provides incident details and the events that led to the incident. Events, Notifications, My Oracle Support Knowledge tabs are located on the individual bookmarks of an Incident Manager page (horizontally from left to right). If you are online, a link will take you to My Oracle Support.

You can acknowledge the incident, add comments, or manage the incident from the Incident Manager page.

39.7.2 Identifying Changes in an OS Configuration

When an administrator changes a host configuration, it can be helpful to know when the configuration was last changed. This information appears in the configuration dashlet on the Home page. Detailed configuration information is available, including the ability to compare.

  1. Click Hosts from the Targets page.
  2. Click the target name to open the home page.
  3. Click Host in the upper left corner of the page. Click Configuration.
  4. Click the option to view Last Collected, Comparison & Drift Management, Compare, Search, History, Save, Saved, or Topology.