39.8 Overview of Performance and Resource Metrics

Performance and resource metrics provide details on the kernel configuration and performance, helping you to identify issues. The CPU Load chart and Free Memory chart enable you to easily view the status. High level CPU and Memory usage are available in the Summary tab with more details in the CPU and Host Memory tabs.

CPU data for the following metrics is collected every 15 minutes and appears in the CPU tab:

The following options are available for you to view kernel information:

  • Shared memory

  • CPU I/O wait and buffer cache read/write details

  • Physical I/O read/write, disk and disk block read/writes

  • Run queue length and paging activity

  • Tunable kernel parameters

Resource metrics provides details on the operating system, the available resources, and the load on the operating system or zone.

The following details are available:

  • Memory, total and available

  • Swap, total configured and available

  • CPU details, including the vendor name, number, frequency, revision and mask

  • Number of cores and threads per CPU

  • Bar chart showing the utilization percentage per CPU thread

  • The amount of time spent by all CPUs in different frequencies for Oracle Solaris

  • CPU and memory usage over time

39.8.1 About CPU Utilization

The CPU Utilization metric displays the percentage utilization of a CPU over time for Oracle Solaris and Linux targets. An abnormally high value indicates that the system is under heavy load. If the value is consistently high, consider reducing the load on the system.

CPU data is collected every 15 minutes. The default display is a graphical representation of the Run Queue Length with a red line for the 1 minute average, a green line for the 5 minute average, and a yellow line for the 15 minute average. To display the information in table format, click Table View.

39.8.2 Viewing CPU Metrics

To view the kernel and performance metrics for an operating system:

  1. From the Targets menu, select Hosts.

    The Hosts page appears with a list of all managed hosts. You can sort the list.

  2. Click the host name from the list of managed hosts.
  3. Click the CPU tab to view the metrics and charts.

    The information appears in a graphical format. Click Table View to change the format. You can adjust the time frame to display historical data for the last two (2) hours, four (4) hours, 10 hours, one day, or one week. By default, CPU and System Load appear. Deselect to remove the information from the graphs.

39.8.3 About CPU Threads Utilization

The CPU Threads Utilization metric collects CPU thread diagnostics for Oracle Solaris and Linux targets, useful for analysis of multi-threaded CPUs. You can view the efficiency and the metrics for each CPU thread.

To help you to gauge the efficiency, the following charts are available:

  • Bar chart showing the number of CPU threads at each frequency

  • Historical charts showing the percentage of time spent at different frequencies

39.8.4 About Processor Group Utilization for Oracle Solaris 11

In addition to the CPU Utilization, you can view the following processor group utilization details for Oracle Solaris 11 operating systems:

  • List of processor groups and the number of threads per group

  • Bar chart of CPU utilization per processor group

  • Type of group, such as integer pipeline