The Lifecycle Management Guide introduces you to the lifecycle management solutions offered by Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (Cloud Control), and describes in detail how you can use the discovery, provisioning, patching, and configuration and compliance management features to manage your data center.


This guide is primarily meant for administrators who want to use the discovery, provisioning, patching, and configuration and compliance management features offered by Cloud Control to meet their lifecycle management challenges. As an administrator, you can be either a Designer, who performs the role of a system administrator and does critical data center operations, or an Operator, who runs the default as well custom deployment procedures, patch plans, and patch templates to manage the enterprise configuration.

Scope and Coverage

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Lifecycle Management Guide describes features pertaining to the following plug-in and platform releases:

  • Oracle Database Plug-in (

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Plug-in (

  • Oracle Cloud Framework Plug-in (

  • Cloud Services Management Plug-in (

  • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 2 (

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