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Part I Overview and Setup Details

1 Introduction to Lifecycle Management

2 Setting Up Your Infrastructure

Part II Discovery

3 Discovering Hosts and Software Deployments

Part III Database Provisioning

4 Overview of Database Provisioning

5 Creating and Provisioning Oracle Databases

6 Provisioning Oracle Grid Infrastructure for Oracle Databases

7 Provisioning Oracle Grid Infrastructure for Oracle Real Application Clusters Databases

8 Provisioning Oracle Real Application Clusters One (Oracle RAC One) Node Databases

9 Provisioning Oracle Real Application Clusters for 10g and 11g

10 Extending Oracle Real Application Clusters

11 Deleting or Scaling Down Oracle Real Application Clusters

12 Provisioning Oracle Database Replay Client

13 Provisioning Oracle Standby Databases

14 Managing Pluggable Databases Using Enterprise Manager

15 Cloning Oracle Databases and Pluggable Databases

Part IV Hybrid Cloud Management

16 Hybrid Solution: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Management

17 Hybrid Solution: Oracle Cloud Platform Management

Part V Database Upgrade

18 Upgrading Databases

Part VI Database Security

19 Managing Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall

20 Using Oracle Data Redaction

21 Managing Oracle Database Vault and Privilege Analysis

22 Managing Oracle Transparent Data Encryption

Part VII Middleware Provisioning

23 Overview of Middleware Provisioning

24 Provisioning Fusion Middleware Domain and Oracle Homes

25 Provisioning the SOA Domain and Oracle Homes

26 Provisioning the Service Bus Domain and Oracle Homes

27 Provisioning the Oracle WebCenter Domain and Oracle Homes

28 Middleware Provisioning using the EM CLI

29 Middleware Profiles Using REST APIs

30 Scaling Up / Scaling Out Fusion Middleware Domains

31 Export and Import of Domain Partitions

32 Migrating a Domain to a Partition

33 Deploying / Redeploying / Undeploying Java EE Applications

34 Provisioning Coherence Nodes and Clusters

35 Provisioning SOA Artifacts and Composites

36 Provisioning Service Bus Resources

Part VIII Bare Metal Server Provisioning

37 Provisioning Bare Metal Servers

Part IX Host Management

38 Overview of Host Management

39 Setting Up the Environment to Monitor Hosts

40 Customizing Your Host Monitoring Environment

41 Monitoring Hosts

42 Administering Hosts

Part X Patch Management

43 Patching Software Deployments

44 Patching Linux Hosts

45 Database Fleet Maintenance

46 Performing Engineered System Software Updates

Part XI Configuration, Compliance, and Change Management

47 Managing Configuration Information

48 Managing Compliance

49 Managing Enterprise Data Governance

50 Managing Database Schema Changes

51 Additional Setup for Real-time Monitoring

52 Overview of Change Activity Planner

Part XII Deployment Procedures

53 About Deployment Procedures

54 Customizing Deployment Procedures

Part XIII Additional Information

A Using Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface

B Checking Host Readiness Before Provisioning or Patching

C Using emctl partool Utility

D Understanding PXE Booting and Kickstart Technology

E End-to-End Use Case: Patching Your Data Center

F Troubleshooting Issues