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Configuring Telesets for Hoteling

You can configure the telesets in your call center for hoteling, which allows an agent to log in to the Siebel application from any one of a pool of telesets and computers that have been configured for this purpose and allows the agent to use voice communications features.

You configure hoteling by associating a teleset with the host name of the computer that is located at the same station as the teleset. Do this in the All Telesets view in the Administration - Communications screen. For more information about configuring telesets, see Specifying Telesets.

If you have specified a host name to enable hoteling for a teleset, then any agent logging in to the Siebel client on the hoteling computer uses the standard extension of the hoteling teleset that is associated with that computer's host name.

Hoteling Requirements and Issues

Note the following requirements and issues for implementing hoteling:

  • After each agent is added to a communications configuration, the agent is typically associated with a teleset. However, associating a computer's host name with a teleset overrides this association and allows that computer to be used by multiple agents for hoteling.
  • If an agent logs in to the Siebel application on a computer that is not associated with a hoteling teleset, then voice communications are enabled for the agent only if that agent is explicitly associated with the teleset at the new location.
  • You can configure hoteling only for computers that are always expected to be located at the same station as the hoteling teleset. For example, although you can configure hoteling for a laptop computer that an agent connects to the network at any of several locations, you can configure it only for a single location where a particular teleset is located.
  • Agents who log in to a hoteling computer cannot specify any other teleset in the Communications options of the User Preferences screen. The agent can specify a different extension for this teleset, however, if more than one extension is defined.
  • For internal calls to employees who use hoteling telesets, you can configure commands to retrieve the run-time extension of the employee by using the $HotelingPhone macro. For more information, see Macros for Parameter Values.
  • As of Siebel Innovation Pack 2016, a separately installed client module, Desktop Integration Siebel Agent (DISA), is used to obtain the local computer's host name for hoteling purposes. It is recommended to install Desktop Integration Siebel Agent on each agent computer that will be used for hoteling.

    If Desktop Integration Siebel Agent is not installed or is not running, then the host name is obtained from the HTTP request header.

    However, if Desktop Integration Siebel Agent is not installed or is not running and proxy connections are enabled in the browser, then, for agents to be able to use hoteling, you must set the parameter AutoLoadDriver to False for the communications configuration. This setting allows agents to manually enter the computer's host name and to use hoteling. For more information about the AutoLoadDriver parameter, see Parameters for Communications Configurations.

    For more information about installing and deploying Desktop Integration Siebel Agent, see 2107511.1 (Article ID) on My Oracle Support. See also the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

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