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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.6: C++ User's Guide

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Updated: July 2017
Chapter 13

Using the Classic iostream Library

C++, like C, has no built-in input or output statements. Instead, I/O facilities are provided by a library. The C++ compiler provides both the classic implementation and the ISO standard implementation of the iostream classes.

  • By default, the classic iostream classes are contained in libiostream. Use libiostream when you have source code that uses the classic iostream classes and you want to compile the source in -compat=5 mode. To use the classic iostream facilities in -compat=5 mode, include the iostream.h header file and compile using the -library=iostream option.

  • The standard iostream classes are available and are part of each of the standard C++ libraries supported by the compiler.

This chapter provides an introduction to the classic iostream library and provides examples of its use. This chapter does not provide a complete description of the iostream library. See the iostream library man pages for more details. To access the classic iostream man pages type the command: man -s 3CC4 name

See Note About Classic iostreams.