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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.6: Fortran User's Guide

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Updated: July 2017


Numbers and Symbols

!DIR$ in directivesindex iconFixed-Form Source
-sharedindex icon–shared
-xcodeindex icon-xcode[=v]
-gz with no sub-optionindex icon-gz[=cmp-type]
-xdebuginfoindex icon-xdebuginfo=a[,a...]
-xglobalizeindex icon-xglobalize[={yes|no}]
-xinline_paramindex iconxinline_param=a[,a[,a]...]
-xinline_reportindex iconxinline_report[=n]
-xtempindex icon-xtemp=path
-xvectorindex icon-xvector[=a]
.mod file, module fileindex iconModule Files


abrupt_underflowindex icon–fnonstd
address spaceindex icon–xaddr32[={yes|no}]
aliasingindex icon–xalias[=keywords]
-xaliasindex icon–xalias[=keywords]
align  See Alsoindex icondata
-dalignindex icon–dalign
data in COMMON with -aligncommonindex icon–aligncommon[={1|2|4|8|16}]
alignment of data typesindex iconSize and Alignment of Data Types
extensionsindex iconExtended ALLOCATABLE Attribute
analyzer compile option, xFindex icon–xF
arithmetic  Seeindex iconfloating-point
array bounds checkingindex icon–C
assembly codeindex icon–S
ASSUME directiveindex iconThe ASSUME Directives


backward compatibility, command-line optionsindex iconBackward Compatibility and Legacy Options
binary I/Oindex iconAdditional I/O Extensions
binding, dynamic/shared librariesindex icon–d{y|n}
constant, alternate formsindex iconAlternate Forms of Boolean Constants
type, constantsindex iconBoolean Type


C(..) directiveindex iconThe C Directive
padding forindex icon–pad[=p]
specify hardware cacheindex icon–xcache=c
inlining subprogram calls with -inlineindex icon–inline=[%auto][[,][no%]f1,…[no%]fn]
cc command-line options
index icon-xcompress_format=cmp-type
index icon-xcompress={[no%]debug}
-xdebuginfoindex icon-xdebuginfo=a[,a...]
-xinline_paramindex iconxinline_param=a[,a[,a]...]
-xinline_reportindex iconxinline_report[=n]
CDIR$ in directivesindex iconFixed-Form Source
code sizeindex icon–xspace
helpindex iconCommand-Line Help
command-line options
-aligncommonindex icon–aligncommon[={1|2|4|8|16}]
-ansiindex icon–ansi
-arg=localindex icon–arg=local
-autopar, parallelize automaticallyindex icon–autopar
-Bdynamicindex icon–B{static|dynamic}
-Bstaticindex icon–B{static|dynamic}
-C, check subscriptsindex icon–C
-c, compile onlyindex icon–c
-copyargs, allow stores to literal argumentsindex icon–copyargs
-Dname, define symbolindex icon–Dname[=def]
index icon–fast
index icon–dalign
-dbl_align_all, force data alignmentindex icon–dbl_align_all[={yes|no}]
-dependindex icon–fast
data dependency analysisindex icon–depend[={yes|no}]
-dnindex icon–d{y|n}
-dryrunindex icon–dryrun
-dyindex icon–d{y|n}
-e, extended source linesindex icon–e
-erroff, suppress warningsindex icon–erroff[={%all|%none|taglist}]
-errtags, display message tag with warningsindex icon–errtags[={yes|no}]
-errwarn, error warningsindex icon–errwarn[={%all|%none|taglist}]
-ext_names, externals without underscoreindex icon–ext_names=e
-f77index icon–f77[=list]
-Findex icon–F
-f, align on 8-byte boundariesindex icon–f
-fastindex icon–fast
-fixedindex icon–fixed
-flagsindex icon–flags
index icon–fma[={none|fused}]
index icon–fast
-fnonstdindex icon–fnonstd
index icon–fns[={yes|no}]
index icon–fast
-fopenmpindex icon-fopenmp
-fpp, Fortran preprocessorindex icon–fpp
-fprecision, x86 precision modeindex icon–fprecision={single|double|extended}
-freeindex icon–free
-fround=rindex icon–fround={nearest|tozero|negative|positive}
-fserialiorindex icon–fserialio
-fsimpleindex icon–fast
simple floating-point modelindex icon–fsimple[={1|2|0}]
-fstoreindex icon–fstore
-ftrapindex icon–ftrap=t
-Gindex icon–G
index icon–g[n]
index icon-g
-hnameindex icon–hname
-helpindex icon–help
-i8use —xtypemap=integer:64 insteadindex icon-i8
-Idirindex icon–Ipath
-inlineindex icon–inline=[%auto][[,][no%]f1,…[no%]fn]
-ioroundingindex icon–iorounding[={compatible|processor-defined}]
-keepmodindex icon–keepmod[={yes|no}]
-keeptmpindex icon–keeptmp
-Kpicindex icon–Kpic
-KPICindex icon–KPIC
-Ldirindex icon–Lpath
-llibraryindex icon–lx
index icon–libmil
index icon–fast
-library=sunperfindex icon-library=sunperf
-loopinfo, show parallelizationindex icon–loopinfo
-m32 | —m64index icon–m32 | –m64
-Mdir, f95 modulesindex iconModule Files
-moddirindex icon–moddir=path
-mt, multithread safe librariesindex icon-mt[={yes|no}]
-nativeindex icon–native
-native (obsolete)index iconObsolete f95 Options
-noautoparindex icon–noautopar
-nodependindex icon–nodepend
-nofstoreindex icon-nofstore
-nolibindex icon–nolib
-nolibmilindex icon–nolibmil
-noreductionindex icon–noreduction
-norunpathindex icon–norunpath
-o, output fileindex icon–o filename
index icon–O[n]
index icon–O[n]
index icon–fast
-onetripindex icon–onetrip
-openmpindex icon–openmp
-p, profile (obsolete)index icon–p
index icon–pad[=p]
index icon–fast
-pg, profile by procedureindex icon–pg
-picindex icon–pic
-PICindex icon–PIC
-preserve_argvaluesindex icon–preserve_argvalues[=simple|none|complete]
-Qoptionindex icon–Qoption pr ls
-R listindex icon–R ls
-r8constindex icon–r8const
-recl=a[,b]index icon–recl=a[,b]
-Sindex icon–S
-sindex icon–s
-silentindex icon–silent
index icon–xrecursive
index icon–stackvar
-stop_statusindex icon–stop_status[={yes|no}]
-tempindex icon–temp=dir
-timeindex icon–time
-tracebackindex icon–traceback[={%none|common|signals_list}]
-uindex icon–u
-U, do not convert to lowercaseindex icon–U
-Uname, undefine preprocessor macroindex icon–Uname
-unroll, unroll loopsindex icon–unroll=n
-useindex iconThe -use=list Option Flag
-Vindex icon–V
-vindex icon–v
-vaxindex icon–vax=keywords
-vparaindex icon–vpara
-Windex icon-Wc,arg
-windex icon–w[n]
-xaddr32index icon–xaddr32[={yes|no}]
-xalias=listindex icon–xalias[=keywords]
-xannotate[={yes|no}]index icon–xannotate[={yes|no}]
-xarch=isaindex icon–xarch=isa
index icon–xassume_control[=keywords]
index iconThe ASSUME Directives
-xautoparindex icon–xautopar
-xcache=cindex icon–xcache=c
-xchip=cindex icon–xchip=c
-xcode=cindex icon-xcode[=v]
-xcommoncheckindex icon–xcommonchk[={yes|no}]
-xdebugformatindex icon–xdebugformat=dwarf
-xdependindex icon–xdepend
-xFindex icon–xF
-xglobalizeindex icon-xglobalize[={yes|no}]
-xhasc, Hollerith as characterindex icon–xhasc[={yes|no}]
-xhelp=hindex icon–xhelp=flags
-xhwcprofindex icon–xhwcprof[={enable | disable}]
-xinlineindex icon–xinline=list
-xinstrumentindex icon–xinstrument=[%no]datarace
-xipo, interprocedural optimizationsindex icon–xipo[={0|1|2}]
-xipo_archiveindex icon–xipo_archive[={none|readonly|writeback}]
-xipo_buildindex icon-xipo_build=[yes|no]
-xivdepindex icon–xivdep[=p]
-xjobs, multiprocessor compilationindex icon-xjobs{=n|auto}
-xkeepframe, prohibit stack-related optimizationsindex icon–xkeepframe[=[%all,%none,name,no%name]]
-xknown_lib, optimize library callsindex icon–xknown_lib=library_list
-xl, (obsolete)index icon–xl
-xlang=f77, link with Fortran 77 librariesindex icon–xlang=f77
-xld, (obsolete)index icon–xld
-xlibmilindex icon–xlibmil
index icon–xlibmopt[={%none,archive,shared}]
index icon–fast
-Xlinkerindex icon-Xlinker arg
-xlinkoptindex icon–xlinkopt[={1|2|0}]
-xlinkopt, link-time optimizationsindex icon–xlinkopt[={1|2|0}]
-xloopinfoindex icon–xloopinfo
-xMindex icon–xM
-xmaxoptindex icon–xmaxopt[=n]
-xmemalignindex icon–xmemalign[=<a><b>]
index icon–xnolibmil
index icon–xnolib
-xnolibmoptindex icon–xnolibmopt
-xOnindex icon–xOn
-xopenmpindex icon–xopenmp[={parallel|noopt|none}]
-xpagesizeindex icon–xpagesize=size
-xpagesize_heapindex icon–xpagesize_heap=size
-xpagesize_stackindex icon–xpagesize_stack=size
-xpatchpaddingindex icon-xpatchpadding[={fix|patch|size}]
-xpecindex icon–xpec[={yes|no}]
-xpgindex icon–xpg
-xpp=pindex icon–xpp={fpp|cpp}
index iconThe PREFETCH Directives
index iconThe PREFETCH Directives
-xprefetch_auto_typeindex icon–xprefetch_auto_type=indirect_array_access
-xprofile=pindex icon–xprofile=p
-xprofile_ircacheindex icon–xprofile_ircache[=path]
-xprofile_pathmap=paramindex icon–xprofile_pathmap=collect_prefix:use_prefix
-xrecursiveindex icon–xrecursive
-xreductionindex icon–xreduction
-xregs=rindex icon–xregs=r
-xsindex icon-xs[={yes|no}]
-xsafe=memindex icon–xsafe=mem
-xsecure_code_analysisindex icon–xsecure_code_analysis{=[yes|no]}
-xsegment_alignindex icon-xsegment_align=n
-xspaceindex icon–xspace
-xtarget=tindex icon–xtarget=t
-xtarget=nativeindex icon–fast
-xtempindex icon-xtemp=path
-xthroughputindex icon-xthroughput[={yes|no}]
-xtimeindex icon–xtime
-xtypemapindex icon–xtypemap=spec
-xunboundsymindex icon-xunboundsym={yes|no}
-xunrollindex icon–xunroll=n
index icon-xvector[=a]
index icon–fast
-ztextindex icon–ztext
commonly usedindex iconCommonly Used Options
default options fileindex iconUser-Supplied Default Options File
grouped by functionindex iconOptions Summary
legacyindex iconBackward Compatibility and Legacy Options
macrosindex iconMacro Flags
obsoleteindex iconObsolete Option Flags
obsolete f77 flags not supportedindex iconIncompatibility Issues
order of processingindex iconTypographic Notations for Options
pass option to compilation phaseindex icon–Qoption pr ls
Reference to all option flagsindex iconOptions Reference
summaryindex iconOptions Summary
syntaxindex iconOptions Syntax
unrecognized optionsindex iconUnrecognized Command-Line Arguments
as directivesindex iconDirectives
alignmentindex icon–aligncommon[={1|2|4|8|16}]
paddingindex icon–pad[=p]
TASKCOMMON consistency checkingindex icon–xcommonchk[={yes|no}]
Fortran 77
index iconFORTRAN 77 Compatibility: Migrating to Oracle Developer Studio Fortran
index icon–f77[=list]
forwardindex iconForward Compatibility
with Cindex iconMixing Languages
compile and link
index iconSeparate Compiling and Linking
index iconCompile-Link Sequence
and -Bindex icon–B{static|dynamic}
build a dynamic shared libraryindex icon–G
compile onlyindex icon–c
dynamic (shared) librariesindex icon–d{y|n}
command lineindex iconInvoking the Compiler
driver, show commands with -dryrun
index icon–dryrun
index icon–dryrun
show versionindex icon–V
timingindex icon–time
verbose messagesindex icon–v
constant arguments, -copyargsindex icon–copyargs
continuation lines
index iconContinuation Line Limits
index icon–e
file name suffixesindex iconCommand-Line File Name Conventions
coverage analysis (tcov)index icon–xprofile=p
cpp compiler option
-gzindex icon-gz[=cmp-type]
cpp, C preprocessor
index icon–F
index icon–Dname[=def]
index iconSource File Preprocessors
pointerindex iconCray Pointers
pointer and Fortran pointerindex iconDeclaring Cray Pointers and Fortran 95 Pointers


alignment with -dbl_align_allindex icon–dbl_align_all[={yes|no}]
alignment with -findex icon–f
alignment with -xmemalignindex icon–xmemalign[=<a><b>]
COMMON, alignment with aligncommonindex icon–aligncommon[={1|2|4|8|16}]
mappings with -xtypemapindex icon–xtypemap=spec
promote constants to REAL*8index icon–r8const
size and alignmentindex iconSize and Alignment of Data Types
data dependence
-dependindex icon–depend[={yes|no}]
compile with -g option
index icon–g[n]
index icon-g
debug compressindex icon-xcompress_format=cmp-type
-g option
index icon–g[n]
index icon-g
check array subscripts with -Cindex icon–C
link debug information from object files into executableindex icon-xs[={yes|no}]
show compiler commands with -dryrun
index icon–dryrun
index icon–dryrun
utilitiesindex iconDebugging Utilities
with optimizationindex icon–g[n]
data sizes and alignmentindex iconSize and Alignment of Data Types
include file pathsindex icon–Ipath
define symbol for cpp, Dnameindex icon–Dname[=def]
ASSUMEindex iconThe ASSUME Directives
FIXEDindex iconFIXED and FREE Directives
Fortran 77index iconDirectives
FREEindex iconFIXED and FREE Directives
IGNORE_TKRindex iconThe IGNORE_TKR Directive
loop unrollingindex iconThe UNROLL Directive
OpenMP (Fortran)
index iconFortran OpenMP Directives
index iconOpenMP Parallelization Directives
optimization levelindex iconThe OPT Directive
index iconParallelization Directives
index iconParallelization Directives
special Fortranindex iconForm of Special f95 Directive Lines
summary of all directivesindex iconFortran Directives Summary
weak linkingindex iconThe WEAK Directive
temporary filesindex icon–temp=dir
dynamic library
build, -Gindex icon–G
name a dynamic libraryindex icon–hname


elfdumpindex iconThe -xcode Flags
program terminations by STOPindex icon–stop_status[={yes|no}]
environment variablesindex iconUsing Environment Variables
error messages
f95index iconf95 Runtime I/O Error Messages
message tagsindex icon–errtags[={yes|no}]
suppress with -erroffindex icon–erroff[={%all|%none|taglist}]
exceptions, floating-pointindex icon–fsimple[={1|2|0}]
trappingindex icon–ftrap=t
executable file
built-in path to dynamic librariesindex icon–R ls
nameindex icon–o filename
strip symbol table fromindex icon–s
typingindex icon–u
explicit parallelization directivesindex iconParallelization Directives
ALLOCATABLEindex iconExtended ALLOCATABLE Attribute
non-ANSI, -ansi flagindex icon–ansi
other I/Oindex iconAdditional I/O Extensions
stream I/Oindex iconFortran 2003 Stream I/O
VALUEindex iconVALUE Attribute
VAX structures and unionsindex iconSTRUCTURE and UNION (VAX Fortran)
extensions and featuresindex iconFeatures of the Fortran Compiler
external C functionsindex iconThe C Directive
external namesindex icon–ext_names=e


f95 command line
index iconCommand Syntax
index iconInvoking the Compiler
fdumpmod for viewing module contents
index iconThe fdumpmod Command
index iconModules
Fortran 95index iconOracle Developer Studio Fortran Features and Extensions
release historyindex iconFeatures Release History
features and extensionsindex iconFeatures of the Fortran Compiler
executableindex iconCompile-Link Sequence
objectindex iconCompile-Link Sequence
size too bigindex iconMemory Size
file names
recognized by the compiler
index iconSource Form Assumed
index iconCommand-Line File Name Conventions
fixed-format sourceindex icon–fixed
FIXED directive
index iconRestrictions
index iconFIXED and FREE Directives
flags  Seeindex iconcommand-line options
non-standardindex icon–fns[={yes|no}]
preferences, -fsimpleindex icon–fsimple[={1|2|0}]
roundingindex icon–fround={nearest|tozero|negative|positive}
trapping modeindex icon–ftrap=t
FLUSH statementindex iconFortran 2003 FLUSH I/O Statement
tabindex iconTab Form
compatibility with legacy
index iconFORTRAN 77 Compatibility: Migrating to Oracle Developer Studio Fortran
index icon–f77[=list]
index icon–arg=local
index iconForm of Special f95 Directive Lines
index iconDirectives
features and extensionsindex iconFeatures of the Fortran Compiler
handling nonstandard Fortran 77 aliasingindex iconAdditional Notes About Migrating to the f95 Compiler
incompatibilities with legacyindex iconIncompatibility Issues
modulesindex iconModule Files
preprocessorindex icon–Dname[=def]
invoking with -Findex icon–F
utilitiesindex iconOther Fortran Utilities
Fortran 200xindex iconFortran 200x Features
Fortran 95
caseindex iconCase
featuresindex iconSource Language Features
I/O extensionsindex iconAdditional I/O Extensions
linking with Fortran 77index iconLinking With Legacy FORTRAN 77-Compiled Routines
fpp, Fortran preprocessor
index icon–fpp
index icon–F
index icon–Dname[=def]
index iconSource File Preprocessors
free-format sourceindex icon–free
FREE directive
index iconRestrictions
index iconFIXED and FREE Directives
fsecond-underscoreindex icon–ext_names=e
fsplit, Fortran utilityindex iconOther Fortran Utilities
external Cindex iconThe C Directive
function-level reorderingindex icon–xF


global symbols
weakindex iconThe WEAK Directive
-pg, profile by procedureindex icon–pg


hardware architecture
index icon–xchip=c
index icon–xarch=isa
heap page size
index icon–xpagesize_stack=size
index icon–xpagesize_heap=size
index icon–xpagesize=size
command-lineindex iconCommand-Line Help
hexadecimalindex iconHexadecimal
Hollerithindex iconHollerith


#ifdefindex iconSource File Preprocessors
#includeindex iconSource File Preprocessors
#include pathindex icon–Ipath
I/O extensionsindex iconAdditional I/O Extensions
IGNORE_TKR directiveindex iconThe IGNORE_TKR Directive
IMPORT statementindex iconFortran 2003 IMPORT Statement
INCLUDE filesindex icon–Ipath
floatingpoint.hindex iconAdditional Notes About Migrating to the f95 Compiler
system.incindex iconLibrary Interfaces and system.inc
incompatibilities, FORTRAN 77index iconIncompatibility Issues
initialization of local variablesindex icon–xcheck[=keyword[,keyword]]
templates, -libmilindex icon–libmil
with -fastindex icon–fast
automatic with -O4index icon–O[n]
with -inlineindex icon–inline=[%auto][[,][no%]f1,…[no%]fn]
pathindex icon–Ipath
libraryindex iconLibrary Interfaces and system.inc
extensionsindex iconIntrinsics
interfacesindex iconLibrary Interfaces and system.inc
legacy Fortranindex iconFortran Intrinsics
invalid, floating-pointindex icon–ftrap=t
ISA, instruction set architectureindex icon–xarch=isa
IVDEP directive
index icon–xivdep[=p]
index iconIVDEP Directive


large filesindex iconMemory Size
legacy compiler optionsindex iconBackward Compatibility and Legacy Options
searched by defaultindex icon–Lpath
building shared librariesindex iconThe -xcode Flags
Oracle Developer Studio Performance Libraryindex iconOracle Developer Studio Performance Library
build, -Gindex icon–G
disable system librariesindex icon–nolib
dynamic search path in executableindex icon–R ls
interfacesindex iconLibrary Interfaces and system.inc
linking with -lindex icon–lx
name a shared libraryindex icon–hname
Oracle Developer Studio Performance Libraryindex icon-library=sunperf
path to shared library in executableindex icon–norunpath
position-independent and pureindex icon–ztext
commandindex iconControl of Virtual Memory
stack sizeindex icon–stackvar
Fortran compilerindex iconLimits and Defaults
linear algebra routinesindex icon-library=sunperf
link-time optimizationsindex icon–xlinkopt[={1|2|0}]
consistent compile and linkindex iconConsistent Compiling and Linking
consistent with compilationindex iconConsistent Compiling and Linking
disable system librariesindex icon–nolib
enable dynamic linking, shared librariesindex icon–d{y|n}
linker -Mmapfile optionindex icon–xF
separate from compilationindex iconSeparate Compiling and Linking
specifying libraries with -lindex icon–lx
weak namesindex iconThe WEAK Directive
with automatic parallelization, -autoparindex icon–autopar
with compilationindex iconCompile-Link Sequence
list of command-line optionsindex icon–help
list of directivesindex iconFortran Directives Summary
automatic parallelizationindex icon–autopar
dependence analysis, -dependindex icon–depend[={yes|no}]
executed once, -onetripindex icon–onetrip
parallelization messagesindex icon–loopinfo
unrolling with -unrollindex icon–unroll=n
unrolling with directiveindex iconThe UNROLL Directive


macro command-line optionsindex iconMacro Flags
man pagesindex iconMan Pages
math library
and -L dir optionindex icon–Lpath
optimized versionindex icon–xlibmopt[={%none,archive,shared}]
actual real memory, displayindex iconSwap Space Limits
limit virtual memoryindex iconControl of Virtual Memory
optimizer out of memoryindex iconMemory Size
index icon–vpara
index icon–loopinfo
runtimeindex iconOperating System Error Messages
suppress with -silentindex icon–silent
verboseindex icon–v
misaligned data, specifying behaviorindex icon–xmemalign[=<a><b>]
MODDIR environment variableindex icon–moddir=path
modulesindex iconModule Files
-useindex iconThe -use=list Option Flag
.mod fileindex iconModule Files
creating and usingindex iconModules
default pathindex icon–moddir=path
fdumpmod for displaying module filesindex iconThe fdumpmod Command
fdumpmod for viewing module contentsindex iconModules
index icon-mt[={yes|no}]
  Seeindex iconparallelization


object, executable fileindex icon–o filename
nonstandard_arithmetic()index icon–fnonstd
numeric sequence typeindex icon–aligncommon[={1|2|4|8|16}]


object files
compile onlyindex icon–c
nameindex icon–o filename
object library search directoriesindex icon–Lpath
object-oriented Fortranindex iconObject-Oriented Fortran Support
obsolete command-line optionsindex iconObsolete Option Flags
octalindex iconOctal
OMP_NUM_THREADS, number of threadsindex icon–autopar
one-trip DO loopsindex icon–onetrip
OpenMPindex iconOpenMP Parallelization Directives
directives summaryindex iconFortran OpenMP Directives
OPT directiveindex iconThe OPT Directive
-xmaxopt optionindex icon–xmaxopt[=n]
across source filesindex icon–xipo[={0|1|2}]
aliasingindex icon–xalias[=keywords]
floating-pointindex icon–fsimple[={1|2|0}]
inline user-written routinesindex icon–inline=[%auto][[,][no%]f1,…[no%]fn]
interproceduralindex icon–xipo[={0|1|2}]
levelsindex icon–O[n]
link-timeindex icon–xlinkopt[={1|2|0}]
loop unrollingindex icon–unroll=n
loop unrolling by directiveindex iconThe UNROLL Directive
math libraryindex icon–xlibmopt[={%none,archive,shared}]
OPT directive
index icon–xmaxopt[=n]
index iconThe OPT Directive
PIPELOOP directiveindex iconThe PIPELOOP[=n] Directive
PREFETCH directiveindex iconThe PREFETCH Directives
specify cacheindex icon–xcache=c
specify instruction set architectureindex icon–xarch=isa
specify processorindex icon–xchip=c
target hardwareindex icon–native
with -fastindex icon–fast
with debuggingindex icon–g[n]
options  Seeindex iconcommand-line options
order of
functionsindex icon–xF
order of processing, optionsindex iconTypographic Notations for Options
stackindex icon–stackvar
trap on floating-pointindex icon–ftrap=t
aliasingindex icon–xalias[=keywords]


paddingindex icon–pad[=p]
page size, setting stack or heap
index icon–xpagesize_stack=size
index icon–xpagesize_heap=size
index icon–xpagesize=size
automaticindex icon–autopar
directivesindex iconParallelization Directives
loop informationindex icon–loopinfo
messagesindex icon–vpara
index icon–xopenmp[={parallel|noopt|none}]
index iconOpenMP Parallelization Directives
OpenMP directives summarizedindex iconFortran OpenMP Directives
reduction operationsindex icon–reduction
passes of the compilerindex icon–v
dynamic libraries in executableindex icon–R ls
library searchindex icon–Lpath
to standard include filesindex icon–Ipath
Pentiumindex icon-xtarget Values on x86 Platforms
optimizationindex icon–fast
Oracle Developer Studio Performance Libraryindex iconOracle Developer Studio Performance Library
performance libraryindex icon-library=sunperf
PIPELOOP directiveindex iconThe PIPELOOP[=n] Directive
pointeeindex iconCray Pointers
pointerindex iconCray Pointers
aliasingindex icon–xalias[=keywords]
position-independent code
index icon–PIC
index icon–pic
POSIX library, not supportedindex iconIncompatibility Issues
POSIX threadsindex icon-mt[={yes|no}]
pragma  Seeindex icondirectives
precision on x86
-fprecisionindex icon–fprecision={single|double|extended}
-fstoreindex icon–fstore
PREFETCH directive
index iconThe PREFETCH Directives
index iconThe PREFETCH Directives
index iconThe PREFETCH Directives
preprocessor, source file
define symbolindex icon–Dname[=def]
force -fppindex icon–fpp
fpp, cppindex iconSource File Preprocessors
specify with -xpp=pindex icon–xpp={fpp|cpp}
undefine symbolindex icon–Uname
specify target processorindex icon–xchip=c
profile data path mapindex icon–xprofile_pathmap=collect_prefix:use_prefix
-pg, -gprofindex icon–pg
-xprofileindex icon–xprofile=p


range of subscriptsindex icon–C
recursive subprogramsindex icon–xrecursive
release historyindex iconFeatures Release History
reorder functionsindex icon–xF
index icon–fsimple[={1|2|0}]
index icon–fround={nearest|tozero|negative|positive}


object library directoriesindex icon–Lpath
shared library
build, -Gindex icon–G
disallow linking, -dnindex icon–d{y|n}
name a shared libraryindex icon–hname
pure, no relocationsindex icon–ztext
limitsindex iconControl of Virtual Memory
SIGFPE, floating-point exceptionindex icon–fnonstd
size of compiled codeindex icon–xspace
Solaris threadsindex icon-mt[={yes|no}]
source file
preprocessingindex iconSource File Preprocessors
source format
mixing format of source lines (f95)index iconMixing Forms
options (f95)index iconSource Form Assumed
source lines
extendedindex icon–e
fixed-formatindex icon–fixed
free-formatindex icon–free
line lengthindex iconFixed-Form Source Lines
preprocessorindex icon–xpp={fpp|cpp}
SPARC platform
cacheindex icon–xcache=c
chipindex icon–xchip=c
code address spaceindex icon-xcode[=v]
instruction set architectureindex icon-xarch keywords common to both SPARC and x86 platforms
increase stack sizeindex icon–stackvar
overflowindex icon–stackvar
setting page size
index icon–xpagesize_stack=size
index icon–xpagesize_heap=size
index icon–xpagesize=size
include filesindex icon–Ipath
standard numeric sequence typeindex icon–aligncommon[={1|2|4|8|16}]
conformanceindex iconStandards Conformance
identify non-ANSI extensions, -ansi flagindex icon–ansi
bindingindex icon–d{y|n}
STOP statement, return statusindex icon–stop_status[={yes|no}]
stream I/Oindex iconFortran 2003 Stream I/O
strip executable of symbol table, sindex icon–s
of file names recognized by compiler
index iconSource Form Assumed
index iconCommand-Line File Name Conventions
implicit typingindex icon–u
linkingindex icon–c
warningsindex icon–w[n]
warnings by tag name, -erroffindex icon–erroff[={%all|%none|taglist}]
swap space
display actual swap spaceindex iconSwap Space Limits
limit amount of disk swap spaceindex iconMemory Size
swap commandindex iconSwap Space Limits
symbol table
for dbx
index icon–g[n]
index icon-g
command line optionsindex iconOptions Syntax
compiler command lineindex iconCommand Syntax
f95 command
index iconCommand Syntax
index iconInvoking the Compiler
system.incindex iconLibrary Interfaces and system.inc


form source tabindex iconTab Form
tape I/O, not supportedindex iconIncompatibility Issues
-xprofileindex icon–xprofile=p
templates, inlineindex icon–libmil
temporary files, directory forindex icon–temp=dir
tracebackindex icon–traceback[={%none|common|signals_list}]
floating-point exceptionsindex icon–ftrap=t
on memoryindex icon–xsafe=mem
type declaration alternate formindex iconAbbreviated Size Notation for Numeric Data Types


ulimit commandindex iconControl of Virtual Memory
gradualindex iconSubnormal REAL and DOUBLE
trap on floating-pointindex icon–ftrap=t
underscoreindex icon–ext_names=e
do not append to external namesindex iconThe C Directive
UNROLL directiveindex iconThe UNROLL Directive
compilerindex iconInvoking the Compiler
utilitiesindex iconOther Fortran Utilities


alignmentindex iconSize and Alignment of Data Types
localindex icon–stackvar
undeclaredindex icon–u
VAX VMS Fortran extensions
index iconSTRUCTURE and UNION (VAX Fortran)
index icon–vax=keywords
id of each compiler passindex icon–V


message tagsindex icon–errtags[={yes|no}]
suppress messagesindex icon–w[n]
suppress with -erroffindex icon–erroff[={%all|%none|taglist}]
undeclared variablesindex icon–u
use of non-standard extensionsindex icon–ansi
weak linker symbolsindex iconThe WEAK Directive
WEAK directiveindex iconThe WEAK Directive