Loan Details

Customers need to know their loan account details and account preferences under which the account is opened. The Loan account details screen provides these information to the customer.

Customer can view account’s basic information such as personal information, holding patterns, disbursement details, outstanding amount, and repayment details and arrears.

Note: The loan features like Repay, Schedule, and DisbursementDisbursement is the process by which the sanctioned loan amount is paid to the customer or seller (on behalf of the customer). Details are not available for closed loan accounts.

You are here How to reach here:

Overview > Loan Account Summary > Loan Details

To view the loan account details:

You can also perform following account related transactions:

  1.  To view loan repayment schedule, click Schedule Inquiry.
  2. To view disbursement details, click Disbursement Inquiry.
  3. To request for the loan accounts statement, click Statement Request.

Note: To navigate to Overview screen, click Back.


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