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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance RESTful API Guide, Release OS8.7.x

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Updated: December 2017


Remote replication facilitates replication of projects and shares between appliances.

Note -  Replication is a licensed feature for certain models of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and the replication RESTful API manages that feature. The service is available from the following URI: https://host.example.com:215/api/storage/v1/replication. For license details, refer to the "Oracle Software License Agreement ("SLA") and Entitlement for Hardware Systems with Integrated Software Options" and the Licensing Information User Manual for the software release.

The Replication RESTful API manages the following resources.

  • Replication Service - The service that manages replication tasks.

  • Replication Target - An appliance peer that receives and stores data replicated from another appliance peer (the source). This term also refers to a configuration object on the appliance that enables it to replicate to another appliance.

  • Replication Action - A configuration object on a source appliance specifying a project or share, a target appliance, and policy options (including how often to send updates, whether to encrypt data on the wire, and so on).

  • Replication Package - The target-side analog of an action; the configuration object on the target appliance that manages the data replicated as part of a particular action from a particular source. Each action on a source appliance is associated with exactly one package on a target appliance and vice versa. Loss of either object requires creating a new action/package pair (and a full replication update).

The API supplies replication operations for replication actions and replication packages. The service API is used to manage the replication service and replication sources and targets.

Table 95  Replication Service Commands
Path /api/service/v1/services
Get replication service state properties
Enable the replication service
Disable the replication service

Get Replication Service

Gets the state of the replication service.

Example Request:

GET /api/service/v1/services/replication HTTP/1.1
Host: zfssa.example.com:215
Authorization: Basic ab6rt4psMWE=
Accept: application/json

Example Results:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 131
X-Zfssa-Replication-Api: 1.0

    "service": {
        "<status>": "online",
        "href": "/service/v1/services/replication",
        "sources": [],
        "targets": []

Modify Replication Service State

The replication service state can be modified like any other service. See the Service RESTful API for more information.