Submit a Change Order for Approval

A change order won't take effect until it is submitted and approved.

To submit a change order for approval:

  1. In the object selector, select a project.
  2. In the sidebar, hover over Contracts and Commitments, and select Change Orders.
  3. In the change order list, select the change order that you want to submit for approval.
  4. Select Actions , and then select Submit.
  5. In the Submit dialog box, in the Notify Users field, enter all users that you want to be notified of the approval request.

    The users you select here should have the privileges to approve and reject contracts. They will each receive an inbox notification of the submission.

  6. In the Comment field, enter any information that you want to send the users you entered in the previous step.
  7. Select Submit.

You will receive a notification when the change order has been approved or rejected.