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Scenario for Completing Call Activities

This topic outlines an example process performed by end users when recording contact and account calls. Your company might follow a different process according to its business requirements. A sales representative for a pharmaceutical company has a busy day of calls to both individual physicians and to accounts.

Recording Call Information

As he makes calls, the sales representative records the information about the call. He records information relating to samples delivered to the physicians during the call, including details such as the lot number and the quantity.

The sales representative records information about the products discussed and the indications for which the products were promoted. The representative also delivers promotional items, a coffee mug and some memo pads, which he also records as part of the call information. He logs the issues that the contact raised during the call so he can follow up on them prior to his next visit.

Obtaining Signatures for Dropped Samples

This sales representative is using the electronic signature capture: the physician acknowledges receipt of dropped samples by using a stylus to sign directly on screen, and the signature is recorded in the Pharma application. (Alternatively, sales representatives can collect paper signatures and record a reference number for the paper signature in the Pharma application.)

Delivering Marketing Messages and Recording the Contact's Response

Some of the physicians he visits have been targeted in specific marketing campaigns. Information about these campaigns appears automatically in the appropriate contact call records—this reminds the sales representative to deliver the marketing messages. The sales representative enters the physicians' responses to the messages.

(The response information is later reviewed by the marketing manager; she uses the information for refining segmentation and targeting.)

Submitting the Call

After making sure that all data about the call is correctly entered, the sales representative submits the calls. This changes most fields to read-only so that the call records cannot be accidentally changed or tampered with.

In the Event of a Mistake, Remaking Electronic Signatures

Unfortunately, after submitting the final account call, the sales representative realizes that the two doctors attending the call mistakenly signed for each other's samples. The next day, the sales representative returns to the account and the doctors sign again for their samples.

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