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Support for NON-ENU Language in Rich Text Control

To enable the support for NON-ENU language in rich text control (RTC), you must run the Full Publish process using the appropriate language. In the Full Publish process, the NON-ENU language compiles all object definitions and adds those records to the respective Repository Runtime tables.

NOTE:  The Full Publish process must be performed only by Siebel Tools; it cannot be performed in the Composer Web Tool. Also, not all repository objects are runtime-enabled, but only the repository objects that can be compiled are runtime-enabled.

NOTE:  The database must be flattened before you perform the Full Publish process. For more information on how to flatten a database, see Flattening Workspace Versions.

To run the Full Publish process

  1. Confirm that Siebel Tools Innovation Pack 2017 or later release is installed in your environment.

    For more information about performing a new installation, see the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

  2. Open the Command Prompt window from your computer by clicking the Start button and then selecting the Run option.
  3. In the Run window, enter the value CMD in the Open field.
  4. In the Command Prompt window, use this format to run the FullPublish process:

    siebdev /c tools.cfg /TL <lang_code> /d <dataSource_name> /u <username> /p <password> /FullPublish

    For example:

    siebedev.exe /c tools.cfg /TL ENU /d orakrv122 /u sadmin /p sadmin / FullPublish

    Notice that the /d parameter in this example refers to the ODBC data source.

Note that the <lang_code> parameter in the previous command can either be a single language or multiple languages. You must specify the language that needs to be published in the /TL parameter. For more information about runtime repository business components that are language independent, see Table 6.

  • This example shows the command that is used to run the Full Published process in the database with one language, English (ENU):

    siebdev /c tools.cfg /d ServerDataSrc /u SADMIN /p SADMIN /TL ENU /FullPublish

  • This example shows the command that is used to run the Full Published process in the database with one language, German (DEU):

    siebdev /c tools.cfg /TL DEU /d ServerDataSrc /u sadmin /p sadmin /FullPublish


    siebedev.exe /c tools.cfg /TL DEU /d orakrv122 /u sadmin /p sadmin / FullPublish

  • This example shows the command that is used to run the Full Published process in the database with three languages: English (ENU), German (DEU), and Japanese (JPN):

    siebdev /c tools.cfg /TL ENU, DEU, JPN /d <ServerDataSrc> /u SADMIN /p MSSQL /FullPublish


    siebedev.exe /c tools.cfg /TL ENU, DEU, JPN /d orakrv122 /u sadmin /p sadmin / FullPublish

After the Full Publish process completes successfully, you can launch the Siebel application only in those languages that have the application strings and languages that are specified in the Full Publish process. In case you need to launch the Siebel application in any additional language, run Full Publish again by specifying those languages.

In the given example, Siebel application is already published in ENU, DEU, and JPN. However, if their is a requirement for FRA (French) then you need to repeat Full Publish with all the four languages together as follows:

siebedev.exe /c tools.cfg /TL ENU, DEU, JPN, FRA /d orakrv122 /u sadmin /p sadmin / FullPublish

NOTE:  You cannot add or drop a new language through Incremental Publish and can do so only through Full Publish. During Full Publish, Siebel will be down.

If you need to drop a language then too repeat Full Publish. For example, you can remove JPN as follows:

siebedev.exe /c tools.cfg /TL ENU, DEU, FRA /d orakrv122 /u sadmin /p sadmin / FullPublish

Full Publish will recompile all the objects again and you can later launch Siebel in the three remaining languages.

You can also perform Full Publish in all the languages supported by Siebel by specifying ALL during FullPublish as follows:

siebedev.exe /c tools.cfg /TL ALL /d orakrv122 /u sadmin /p sadmin / FullPublish

CAUTION:  Do not try the ALL command unless you require to deploy Siebel in all the languages.

This table lists all runtime repository business components that are language independent:

Table 6. Runtime repository business components that are language independent
Object Type
Runtime Object Name

Prototype Applet Browser Script

Runtime Repository Prototype Applet Browser Script


Prototype Applet Server Script

Runtime Repository Prototype Applet Server Script


Data Source Definition

Runtime Repository Data Source


Content Object

Runtime Repository Content Object


Web Template

Runtime Repository Web Template


Assignment Attribute

Runtime Repository Assignment Attribute



Runtime Repository Table


Help ID

Runtime Repository Help ID


Pager Object

Runtime Repository Pager Object


Search Index

Runtime Repository Search Index


Text Style

Runtime Repository Text Style


Icon Map

Runtime Repository Icon Map


Integration Object

Runtime Repository Integration Object


HTML Hierarchy Bitmap

Runtime Repository HTML Hierarchy Bitmap


String Map

Runtime Repository String Map



Runtime Repository Link


Business Object

Runtime Repository Business Object



Runtime Repository Type



Runtime Repository DLL


Search Category

Runtime Repository Search Category


Pick List

Runtime Repository Pick List


System Activity Object

Runtime Repository System Activity Object


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