B Default User Accounts

The following table lists the default users and passwords for the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance components. All default passwords should be changed after installation of the Recovery Appliance.

Table B-1 Default Users and Passwords

Component User Name and Password

Compute servers

OS users:

  • root/welcome1

  • oracle/We1come$

  • dbmadmin/welcome

  • dbmmonitor/welcome

  • raext/(locked and blocked from SSH access)

  • railm/(locked and blocked from SSH access)

  • Password for the GRUB boot loader: sos1Exadata

Database users:

  • SYS/We1come$

  • SYSTEM/We1come$

  • raext/(externally authenticated)

  • ralim/(externally authenticated)

  • rasys/change^Me2

OSB tape backup application users:

  • admin/welcome1

  • oracle/welcome1

  • encryption key wallet/welcome1

Storage servers

  • root/welcome1

  • celladmin/welcome

  • cellmonitor/welcome


    CELLDIAG is an Exadata storage software user, not an operating system user.

    The password of the CELLDIAG user is reset to a random password during the "Apply Security Fixes" step of Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant. If this step is not run, then the default password is Welcome12345.

  • Password for the GRUB boot loader: sos1Exadata

InfiniBand switches

  • root/welcome1

  • nm2user/changeme

  • ilom-admin/ilom-admin

  • ilom-operator/ilom-operator

Ethernet switches


Note: Secure the enable mode password and secret values for the admin user.

Power distribution units (PDUs)

  • admin/welcome1

    The password for the admin user is adm1n if you reset the PDU to factory default settings.

Compute server ILOMs

  • root/welcome1

  • MSUser

    Management Server (MS) uses this account to manage ILOM and reset it if it detects a hang.

    Do not modify this account. This account is to be used by MS only.

    Each time MS starts up, it deletes the previous MSUser account and re-creates the account with a randomly generated password.

    MS communicates with ILOM using MSUser through the lanplus interface. It uses the IPMI v2.0 RMCP+ protocol for authentication. RMCP+ (remote management control protocol) is a UDP-based protocol with stronger authentication than RMCP.

    The MSUser password is not persisted anywhere. If you need to change account passwords regularly, you can restart MS to change the password of the MSUser account.

Storage server ILOMs

  • root/welcome1

  • MSUser

    See the description above for details about this user.

InfiniBand ILOMs

  • ilom-admin/ilom-admin

  • ilom-operator/ilom-operator

  • root/welcome1


After the Recovery Appliance has been deployed, the installation process disables all root SSH keys and expires all user passwords as a security measure for your system. If you do not want the SSH keys disabled or the passwords expired, advise the installation engineer before the deployment.

See Also:

"Changing Component Passwords" to learn how to change the passwords for the Recovery Appliance components.