Managing Fluid Homepages

Creating, configuring, and managing fluid homepages is similar to managing classic homepages, which is performed in the PeopleTools Portal administration interface. When working with fluid homepages, make sure you are familiar with the concepts and procedures of the portal registry.

PeopleTools provides a default homepage, named DEFAULT_LP. The underlying fluid page and component are both named PT_LANDINGPAGE. (The term landing refers to where the user “lands” after signing on to the system).

All fluid homepages are content references under the Fluid Homepage - Hidden folder. Set the content reference permission to control the access.

Default PeopleSoft User (PTPT1000) permissions are granted to the component. Managing and administering the system delivered fluid homepages requires the Portal Administrator permission list (PTPT1300).

Renaming a homepage is controlled by the All Rename option on the Homepage tab attributes for a homepage content reference.

See Setting Component Properties for Fluid Components for more information on fluid component properties.

By default, all devices are set to display the fluid homepage after an end user signs on to the PeopleSoft system. If the classic homepage is preferred for any or all device types, you can override the fluid homepage default using the Define Personalization page.

Image: Define Personalizations page

This example shows using the HPPC and HPTABLET options to set system defaults for homepage display.

Setting homepage defaults using personalization options

Important! The HPPC and HPTABLET user options are system-wide settings. They cannot be exposed to end users to adjust as needed.

HPPC applies to laptop and desktop computers and HPTABLET applies to mobile devices. If you want to change the default homepage displayed for a device, click the Set Option Default Value link, and select the desired homepage.

Image: Set Option Default Value page

This example illustrates overriding the default homepage of fluid and setting it to classic for PC’s (laptops and desktop computers).

Changing PC homepage default from fluid to classic

PeopleTools provides a feature where you can provide guest access to the system. This applies to both fluid and classic users where a user may not be tied to a user profile in the system, but can access specific pages in the system as needed. Configuring this option is discussed in detail in the product documentation for PeopleTools Portal Technology.

For more information, see Implementing Guest User Access.