Moving to Production

In the Initial Pass, you applied the custom change package to your development database. In the process of applying the change package, you completed all compares and adjusted the change package to retrofit any customizations to your system. Once you have tested the updates, you are ready to deploy the updates to your other target environments, including production.

When you select the Apply Type Move to Production, the Patching Source Database will be your Development database where the patch has already been applied.

To apply the updates to your target databases:

  1. (Optional) Start EMF if it is not already started and you selected Configure EMHub For File Deploy on the EMHub Options page in Change Assistant.

    Note: EMHub is only required for file deploy. If you plan to manually deploy file, skip this step.

  2. In Change Assistant, select Tools, Change Actions.

  3. Select Update Manager and Click Next.

    Note: If you are already in the Update Manager action, select Tools, Apply Change Package.

  4. Select Apply Change Packages and click Finish.

  5. Select the download directory where the change package was created.

  6. Select the change package that was created for your custom change package definition.

  7. Select Move to Production.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Select the target database.

    Note: Use the Create button to create the target database if it has not been previously created. See Defining Databases

  10. If you are using EMHub, select the file server.

  11. Click Next.

  12. Change Assistant will connect to the target database and check compatibility. The Compatibility Check page will then be displayed.

  13. Click Next.

  14. The Apply Summary is displayed, click Finish.

    Change Assistant will begin building the Change Assistant job.

  15. The Update job will be created and run until it completes or encounters an error.

    Note: There are no manual stops in the Move to Production.