2.1 Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this update.

  • A kernel panic could occur during path failover if one of the paths to a multipathed SCSI device was disabled. (Bug ID 16684527)

  • Several fixes have been applied to correct race conditions within cgroup movement of newly created, forking, and waking processes. (Bug ID 13740515)

  • Several fixes have been applied to the OVM API.

  • A fix has been applied to prevent a kernel panic that could occur when moving OCFS2 extents during defragmentation. (Bug ID 16631951)

  • The updated btrfs-progs package (btrfs-progs-0.20-1.4), which will be provided on the ol6_latest channel, fixes a bug where the btrfs subvolume get-default command listed all existing subvolumes instead of only the default subvolume. (Bug ID 13815433)

  • Security fixes for several CVEs, including CVE-2013-2094.